The real question is WHY DON'T YOU HAVE TICKETS YET?

Borrowed from the ECS boards

Sounders FC Season Ticket Offer
We just had lunch with Joe Roth and he thinks we are gonna have an empty GA we are doing an offer to fill the section up. Take advantage boys/girls before soccer moms jump in!!

When: January 21,22,23

How: Call your account rep or ECS's account rep Eugenio ( at 425.203.8305!

What: 2 Free GA Seats!! Any account that buys 4 General Admission seats will receive 2 additional seats for free.

Current Season Ticket Holders: If you have 2 season tickets….call Eugenio to buy 2 more seats and get 2 additional for free
Prospects: Buy 4 seats and get 2 more for free!

Summary: Pay $1152.00 for 4 GA seats and we will give you 2 seats for free.

There is no splitting accounts with this offer…they all need to be on one account, no exceptions! Give me a call right now at 425.203.8305 because this is only valid until Friday, January 23rd.

That's less than 200 per seat that you won't use while you get your inner Euro on.

Swedish girls and Sounders go well together.

Swedish girls and Sounders go well together.

Chelsea FC, rumors of other games like Barcelona and the MLS Cup Final. A first year where the target of the owner is to advance to the playoffs and make a showing. 18,600 seats are sold, 67+ suites are sold. When else can you buy a full season plus to a premier franchise for less than 200$?

"How big is the difference? How big is this building?" Schmetzer said inside the Seahawks' 225,000-square-foot headquarters. "In 2002, we were at Memorial Stadium, a dilapidated high-school football stadium with rotten turf. Now in 2009 we're among Seahawks people, Microsoft people."

Midfielder Brad Evans, who won the MLS title with Schmid and the Columbus Crew in November, is a believer. He walked off the practice field marveling.

"Sigi, man, everything so far has just been so different, so good," Evans told his coach.

Help Seattle Sounders FC welcome Major League Soccer to a new league.

Currently the Sounders have players from the following National Teams on squad and are looking for more (yesterday Roth said 3 or 4 more international players);

Puerto Rico
New Zealand
Gambian U-20

This isn't your father's NASL, this is the 21st century and the World's Game has arrived!

Freddy Montero has signed up with the Sounders, why haven't YOU?

There is a positive side effect from the new ESPN move away from Thursday nights - MORE weekend Footie, more Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Celebrate life, celebrate the game.

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