MD 8 - Galaxy Starter, Sounders Trialist Ely Allen

I contacted Ely Allen because he was a local star in college, had played for the Galaxy, was a trialist for Sounders FC and recently has joined the Seattle Wolves. Little did I know until today that Allen and I went to the same high school (over a decade apart). Ely is a natural left-footer and played LM/LW/LF with LA, once scoring on a feed from that British dude against Sydney FC.

Allen offers something a bit different in his opinions about the upcoming match, and talks a bit about his future. We caught up via email Thursday.

Dave Clark: Has LA effectively reinvented themselves after last season?

Ely Allen: If you look at there But In a way, I think they have. One of LA's weaknesses last year was there defense, and after watching some of there games this year, I think you can say they have improved! And obviously LA has some very deadly players (Buddle, Donavon) that can light up the scoreboard at any given time! It is a different team then last year!

DC: How would you see Sounders FC addressing the potency of Landon?

Ely Allen: Knowing Sigi, I think the sounders will have a plan for containing Donavon. Personally, you have to keep him in front of you, he is a tricky player, and the minute he gets in behind the back-line you're in-trouble. The back-line as a whole will have to keep an eye on him, the same goes for Alonso because Donavon also like to drop back in midfield to get the ball!

DC: What would you say the primary differences are between the two organizations (Seattle and Galaxy)?

Ely Allen: One of the biggest differences between these two clubs is the organization, from the front office to the facilities to the equipment manger. LA seems to be a bit more organized than Seattle. Which is excusable b/c Seattle is an expansion team! Another BIG difference between these clubs is Attitude. When I was with the Sounders everything was much more positive, from the locker room to the soccer field. The team chemistry was much higher with the Sounders, the locker room was enjoyable and fun... and also everyone hangs out outside of soccer!!

DC: I recently have heard that you are with Seattle Wolves of the PDL now. Why did you choose the Wolves over another PDL club, or the USL?

Yes, right now I am playing with the Seattle Wolves PDL team. Which is actually a much better team then I thought! I chose the Wolves b/c I know the coaching will be good and I know that I will be getting game level fitness, which is key b/c I am in the process of finding a new team right now! USL is in the picture, I am in contact with a few teams at the moment to try and work something out! But for now, you can find me playing with the Wolves!

You can catch the Seattle Wolves FC compete in the PDL at Starfire Sports Complex. Thanks to Ely for his quick reply.

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