Quick Review: First Impressions of Sounders Loss to Saprissa

That's what the Brits mean when they say 'shambolic'.

  • I'm always surprised at how crappy play can infect a whole team at once. You can take a player or group of players who are on a torrid hot streak and through no fault of their opponent they'll randomly just get everything wrong. Tonight Vagenas' poor passing piled on top of Seamon's slow distribution piled on top of the defense's poor communication piled on top of Fucito's poor free kicks piled on top of Keller's boner. Everyone seemed to have a bad night at once. Except maybe Wahl. He looked pretty solid.
  • Perversely, despite all of that the Sounders likely lost because Boss was out of the game with a hip problem. There's no question that Keller's generally the superior keeper, but comfort and experience with a backline is a big part of keeping and Boss is more comfortable with the reserve line. Poor communication in the back nearly led to an early goal and did lead to Saprissa's first. Also, Keller's poor save on the second goal is the sort of yip that every keeper has to deal with once or twice a season (just ask van der Saar), but on any given day the chance that a professional keeper will punch a ball into a nearside post like that is near 0, so it's safe to say Boss probably wouldn't have. Other than that, Keller's saves were pretty routine, so there's a good chance that Boss pitches a shutout here. Not that I'm advocating for any roster decisions based on this game, but it was quirky.
  • Operation: Make Jorge Vergara Sad met with mixed success. Actually, it was probably a failure since Jorge is going to value a trip into the CCL bracket more than a win in a friendly or in a mostly meaningless late season MLS match after his team is out of the playoffs. On the other hand, I really don't have anything against Jorge so his sadness isn't a big priority. Also, he makes his teams wear shirts that say 'Bimbo' on the front, and that's cool.
  • Saprissa don't just rock the purple. They rock the purple and gold. You know they were excited about the Dawgs upset of Oregon State this weekend.
  • Fucito's PP90 is probably now slightly sane so we can stop with the 'small sample size' caveats on every list of stats.

    Goals by Period








    Seattle Sounders FC





    Scoring Summary:         

    SEA -- Nate Jaqua (Alvaro Fernandez) 17

    SAP -- Jairo Arrieta (unassisted) 26

    SAP -- Josue Martinez (Walter Centeno) 87


    Saprissa -- Minor Alvarez, Gabriel Badilla, Jose Mena, Alexander Robinson, Ricardo Blanco, Walter Centeno, David Guzman, Mauricio Castillo (Alonso Solis 69), Javier Loaiza (Luis Cordero 72), Jairo Arrieta, Alejandro Sequeira (Josue Martinez 56).

    Substitutes Not Used:
     Fausto Gonzalez, Yader Balladares, Douglas Sequeira, Armando Alonso. 

    TOTAL SHOTS: 9 (3 tied with 2); SHOTS ON GOAL: 5 (Jairo Arrieta 2); FOULS: 17 (Gabriel Badilla 5); OFFSIDES: 10 (Jairo Arrieta 7); CORNER KICKS: 3 (Walter Centeno 3); SAVES: 4 (Minor Alvarez 4)

    Seattle Sounders FC
     -- Kasey Keller, Zach Scott, Tyrone Marshall, Taylor Graham, Tyson Wahl, Alvaro Fernandez, Mike Seamon, Peter Vagenas (Miguel Montano 62), Roger Levesque (David Estrada 76), Nate Jaqua (Sanna Nyassi 84), Mike Fucito.

    Substitutes Not Used:
     Leo Gonzalez, Jeff Parke, Nathan Sturgis, Terry Boss. 

    TOTAL SHOTS: 12 (Mike Fucito 3); SHOTS ON GOAL: 5 (Nate Jaqua 2); FOULS: 20 (Alvaro Fernandez 6); OFFSIDES: 1 (Tyson Wahl 1); CORNER KICKS: 4 (Mike Fucito 2); SAVES: 3 (Kasey Keller 3)


    Misconduct Summary:

    SAP -- Jose Mena (caution; Reckless Tackle) 33

    SEA -- Alvaro Fernandez (caution; Reckless Foul) 48

    SAP -- Gabriel Badilla (caution; Unsporting Behavior) 52

    SAP -- Alexander Robinson (caution; Tactical Foul) 63

    SEA -- Miguel Montano (caution; Simulation) 70

    SEA -- Nate Jaqua (caution; Dissent) 80

    SAP -- Alexander Robinson (caution; Dissent) 90

    SAP -- Alexander Robinson (ejection; Second Caution) 90

    SAP -- Ricardo Blanco (caution; Delaying a Restart) 93+


    Referee: Neal Brizan

    Referee's Assistants: -Dion Neil; Ainsley Rochard

    4th Official: Jair Marrufo

    Attendance: 11,434

    Time of Game: 1:52

    Weather: Clear-and-58-degrees

    All Statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 



    Sounders FC vs. CD Saprissa Postgame Quotes - October 19, 2010

    Sigi Schmid - Sounders FC Head Coach

    (General comments...) "It's always disappointing when you give up a late goal like that, but that's the way it was today. Not a particularly good game for us. There were times when we created some chances and were effective, but overall, our possession of the ball wasn't what it usually is. They did a good job of holding the ball and making us chase it and we dropped off a little too much and allowed them to develop that game. We did a little better in the second half, but at the end of the day it wasn't good enough."


    (On Kasey Keller starting...) "[Terry] Boss was on the bench, but he suffered a little injury yesterday in practice and then another little thing came up today, so we felt it was too big of a risk to play him. That's the reason we came with Kasey."


    (On Kasey Keller's performance...) "Nobody is harder on Kasey than himself. He's saved us too many times. I'm not going to get on his case here. He's a pro. Nobody's more disappointed than he is. He'll sort it out and it's good to get out of the way now."


    (On Kasey Keller knowing he would play tonight...) "He knew that it might be a situation where he might play this morning and he knew for sure when he came in."


    (On what to say to Kasey Keller after the game...) "He's done so many things as a pro. I'm sure he's been in that situation before."


    (On Fredy Montero... ) "He took a shot in the quad and he's still a little bit sore there, so we decided we'd work him, so worked out today at Starfire and felt it was best not to play him tonight."


    (On CONCACAF Champions League...) "There's only four MLS teams in this tournament, if I'm not mistaken, and only three teams from America. It's an honor to be in that exclusive group for our franchise, especially as a second year franchise. You learn every time you play. We learned today. Guys learned something about themselves. All those experiences are going to make you better as you move forward. To be in this tournament and play the amount of games we've played this year will only make us better next year."


    (On meaning of game...) "You're a professional player when you step on the field and you want to win. It doesn't matter if advancement is at stake. You have pride. You have ego. You have attention to your craft and you want to play and show that you can play well. So yeah, that locker room is disappointed. They knew we couldn't advance, but at same token, they're disappointed that we lost."


    (On playing meaningless games being a negative for team...) "I don't think it's taken an edge off the team. Something it's good to get slapped in the face right before the playoffs are about to begin so everyone is reminded what that feels like. Losing is what motivated me. Winning keeps me going. I think losing motivates them as well. It reminds them that we have to keep focused, keep our attention to where it needs to be and keep following ourselves up in the same direction as a team. This team is a proud team. They don't like losing. Sometimes there's a silver lining there."


    (On late opponent goals...) "I hope it's just coincidence. In the last game when we took a late goal against Chivas, that was something that we talked about. We haven't shown them the film yet because with the short turnaround, we decided to focus just on tonight's opponent, but that is something that we'll talk about."


    Nate Jaqua - Sounders FC Forward

    (On the match . . .) "It wasn't out best performance. We were definitely disappointed but it's one you just move forward from and we just have to shrug it off. We have got bigger fish this weekend."

    (On upcoming match at Houston . . .) "Not home, not home at all. But I still enjoy going down there and playing. I've got some buddies on the team and I always enjoy battling against Houston. They are a very honest team so I think it's going to be a good fight and I think that's where our heads are at now."

    (On losing the match . . .) "For me, it definitely remotivates me. I was definitely pissed off with the result and I wasn't real happy with my performance either. Remotivates a team? I don't know. But personally it does for me and we will be ready to go in Houston and be ready to go in the playoffs - that's what's important."

    (On his goal . . .) "It's kind of one that just shot at my feet and my reaction, I didn't even know where it was going to go. Luckily it went in the back of the net."

    (On allowing late goals . . .) "No, it's not a concern. It's just one of those things. We were a little angry with ourselves last week, not closing out the game the way we wanted to. This was just a fluky play that, it's just not going to happen again. [. . .] Never lose confidence in Kasey. Kasey has been a rock back there for us and it's just one of those things that happened. Good it happened in this game and not some other game."


    Roger Levesque - Sounders FC Midfielder

    (On the goal . . .) "Flaco [Alvaro Fernandez] shot it, I tried to jump it, it hit me, bounced to Nate [Jaqua] who calmly put it in the net. So however you want to play it. The ball went in the goal. We went up 1-0. We should've held it."


    (On his performance . . .) "I defended a lot, didn't think I played great, didn't do enough to help the team win obviously."


    (On the locker room . . .) "I think everyone is disappointed. Every time this team steps on the field, regardless of who is out there, we expect to win and expect to perform up to a certain standard that we have showed over the last couple months. I think everyone is disappointed, especially giving up a late goal tonight. The resilience that this team has showed is definitely a positive."

    Rob Myers - Saprissa Head Coach

    (On importance of the match...) "It was very important; we had two years with results of not passing to the second phase. Today we had a chance; we played against a team with strong personality. We knew we had to win and are full of pride and happy about passing to the next phase."


    (On getting a score late in the match...) "Indeed there was a very short time left. We never lost hope, we thought we could wait until tomorrow and that would be ok. We also thought if we kept trying to score and secure the qualification tonight that would be possible."

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