ECS Statement on Friendly "C" and Club Priorities

With this being the next match I'm bumping it to FrontPage/top of FanPosts. Last I had heard nearly 200 tickets had been donated.


Some of you may have already received or read this notification from the leadership of Emerald City Supporters. I asked if I could share it with all, and they said yes. My interpretation is that this is a STELLAR way to grow the sport, while still showing Sounders ownership that the current fans want Trophies more than Friendlies.


Regarding the situation surrounding the Seattle Sounders FC friendly that is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct.12th, 2010:

The Seattle Sounders FC front office has scheduled a friendly for Tuesday, Oct.12th, 2010. This announcement comes at a time when the Sounders are already playing in three competitions (MLS, CONCACAF Champions League, and US Open Cup) and have two matches almost every week for the remainder of the season. The scheduling of the friendly in such a congested time (during the run up to the playoffs in particular) is an unnecessary burden for the team and puts the MLS campaign at risk.

After talking to numerous people (both ECS and non-ECS) and reading hundreds of posts on various internet message boards, the ECS is going to encourage the following action by its members:

We would like to see all ECS members that were going to sell or give away their Friendly C tickets to instead donate them on behalf of the ECS. Through Seattle Sounders’ own James Riley, we will be donating all tickets received to the Boys & Girls Club of Renton/Skyway.

We respect individual decisions regarding this match; we are not telling ECS that they cannot attend this match. If you want to attend, please do so, but remember that the recipients of the donated Supporters’ Section (GA) tickets have been invited by the ECS’ founders. They are to be treated with respect and shown a good time.

If for some reason you must sell your GA ticket, please make sure you only sell it to a Sounders supporter and not to a supporter of the away team.

By taking this action, we feel that we are making the best out of what was becoming a potentially upsetting situation. Instead of people selling their tickets or just not using them, they are going to potential ECS members. We are also making sure that the GA seats will be filled with fans of the Seattle Sounders.

Since the organizers of the ECS game day operations have decided to donate their tickets, there will be no ECS supplied capos, drums, flags, banners, or two poles. There will still be representatives of the ECS to act as liaisons to the recipients of the donated tickets.

With this action, the ECS urges the Seattle Sounders FC front office to reconsider how they schedule friendlies and how many friendlies per season the Sounders are going to play. Our primary concern is that scheduling friendlies should never compromise the team's ability to win competitive matches, and we assert that one friendly per season would be more appropriate given how congested the team's schedule is.

To donate your tickets, access your Account Manager on the Sounders FC web site, and forward them to the following e-mail address:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them on our forums, specifically here:

Thank you,
ECS Leadership

Well done to the ECS.

Your thoughts?

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