USA host Turkey and MLS Week 10 Open Thread

Its hard to say its a big match, but the USA is down to 23 players on its National Team roster and they face a team with a damn good decade, who like the USA just hasn't taken that next step. Turkey had 15 points in World Qualifying, which though respectable was not what they expected after making the semi-finals in 2002, the semifinals in the Euros of 2008 and the semi-finals of the 2003 Confederations Cup. This will be another match where US fans focus on two things - who is decent in attack besides Dempsey and Donovan; and can Gooch play.

In MLS action

Los Angeles Galaxy at Columbus Crew - 4:30 PM - Finally one of the two teams will lose. Sounders fans don't really have a rooting interest in this one as no matter the result both teams are so far ahead that the Shield is almost certainly out of reach. Can the Galaxy's peicemeal offense continue to put up goals?

Chivas USA at DC United - 4:30 PM - Chivas is bad. United are just plain awful. While yes, United beat AC Milan in a friendly this week, it is doubtful that result will mean anything moving forward. DC fans are just like Seattle fans searching for the key to unlock the door to winning. I'm glad this one isn't televised. Its likely to ugly. Gamethread over at Black and Red United.

New York Red Bulls at New England Revolution - 5PM - Galavision - Seriously, you get Galavision? And they chose this one? Red Bull rode a great home start to vault to the top of the East in their standings. That start is over and they look like another middle of the pack team now. The Revolution are a team more hurt by injury than any other, but have managed to scrape together some wins with recently drafted talent. Fans over at Once a Metro will host a gamethread.

Philadelphia Union at Houston Dynamo - 5:30 PM -  Fox Soccer - The Vengence of Brian Ching? He wanted desperately to be in Philly playing against Turkey instead he's in Houston playing against Philly. While not 100%, when he comes on the pitch, and and I expect he will the crowd noise will be amazing. The Union are just struggling, horribly. Brotherly Game will host a game thread.

Kansas City Wizards at Real Salt Lake - 6PM - A month or so ago this would have been about the surprisingly hot Wizards taking on the surprisingly slow RSL. That's done and gone. RSL is back in the top where they seem to belong and the Wizards have dropped to the bottom. Once thought to have a solid attack and defense the Wizards just aren't getting done outside of Kei Kamara these days. RSL on the other hand will have the best homefield advantage in the sport to go along with their amazing attack. They score nearly two a game.RSL Soapbox will be hosting a gamethread.

Toronto FC at San Jose Earthquakes - 7PM - These are two hot teams right now. Since the "Win You Must" TIFO Toronto has won, and convincingly. With the offensive talent on the team they are scoring again, but the defense is still a bit suspect. The 'Quakes will try to use their narrow pitch to advantage, playing direct and pushing the poor Toronto backline into mistakes.

Its a fairly full day for the game here in the USA. Watch some of it.

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