Observations on the Columbus game

First MLS goal for Nkufo.

First MLS goal for Sturgis.

Fastest Sounders goal in league play ever (at the 3:18 mark). The second fastest (3:49) happened when Zaquani scored against (believe it or not...) Columbus at Qwest earlier this season (when we were also wearing the blue jerseys but with blue shorts).

First successful penalty kick ever in league play for the Sounders.  Montero Ljungberg, and Noonan failed previously.  This is disappointing, but amazingly satisfying now that we're past it. 

First hatrick by a Sounder ever.  We've been close to one of these a few times before.  Didn't expect it to be Nkufo to be the one to break through.  These are rare (according to full MLS stats, there have been only 3 in the league this season).  I think this is statistically as common as a no-hitter in MLB play or a 200 yard game by a RB in NFL play.  Not unheard of, but rare.

First time we've scored off of a corner kick this season.  We lead the league by a wide margin in CK's earned (145, the next in line is Dallas with 129), but haven't converted any.  I want to say I'm forgetting one, but I don't think that I am.

Second win in two attempts at Crew Stadium.  We only win at Crew Stadium.

Tenth shutout of of the season.

Fifth road shutout of the season.  We are indeed a better team on the road than most MLS teams.

First time we've had a positive goal differential in the table since April 25.

Third time we've won immediately following a loss in CCL play. That's three for three.

Largest margin of victory ever for the Sounders.  We've lost by 4 goals twice (at San Jose last year and hosting LA this year), but never been on the winning end until yesterday.  Man this feels good.

Goofy ones after the break... 

First time we've worn blue jerseys with green shorts and blue socks in league play.  Maybe we should use this combination again?

First time where the Sounders have embarrassed a team so much that they should refund the ticket price.

First time we've heard a player say the team is trying to "pull a Salt Lake" this season...

"The squad is going to get the chance to play and show what they can do and get everybody in form and keep picking up points and I'd be more than happy to be that Salt Lake of this year. Slide into that seventh or eighth slot and go win the damn thing." - Kasey Keller post-game interview comment

Hopefully that's not like pulling a Homer. <grin/>

First time they've played as good as we all knew they could.  We've had good games in the past, but never a "breakout" game and we all knew we were capable of one.  It felt good to finally see it happen and even better that it happened against a SS contender.

That's all I've got.  I think I pointed out all the obvious ones, and a bunch you may not have thought of.  What else did I miss?  Add it to the comments...

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