Unofficial S@H 2011 MLS Cup Bracket Competition

As far as my search powers can tell, this has never been done before on S@H, and I believe it would be a fun way to keep interest going through the entirety of the playoffs.

I will be running a bracket competition for this year's MLS Cup, and hopefully I will not hold the only entry. The playoffs this year have a larger scope than ever before, and the extra teams will make predicting even harder. If you feel so inclined as to compete, follow the instructions after the jump to submit your picks. The winner will only receive the glory of victory (and an image to be made later), but I hope all the regulars around here will give an entry.

Early jump, I know, but I can't really move it down for reasons you'll see...

So, in order to keep things simple, I'm limiting every commenter to one entry. To submit your picks, make a comment formatted like this:

Wild Card:
Team A
Team B

Conference Semis:
Team A
Team B
Team C
Team D

Conference finals:
Team C
Team B

MLS Cup:
Team C (Final Score, Regulation/ET/Penalties)

(Note: "Conference Semis" could also be "Quarterfinals", "Conference Finals" could also be "semis", etc.)

The deadline is NOT WEDNESDAY, but rather Saturday before 7PM. Any picks made after the wild card games WILL BE HONORED, but you will miss opportunities to get points AND receive a three point deduction in the Best Bracket award. Deadline for no deduction is WEDNESDAY BEFORE SIX PST.

Read on for the scoring methods, or jump to the comments to make your picks.

The brackets will be scored in three different serious ways and four different less serious ways:

Best Bracket - The overall winner, this scoring system will give one point per correct wild card winner, two points per correct quarter winner, three points for correct semi winner, and five points for correct MLS Cup winner.
Most Correct - This one's simple: one point for every correct winner.
Lucky Dog - Points are scored similar to Best Bracket, but point values per win TRIPLE if you picked the team that finished lower in the regular season standings (NOT SEEDING). In theory, one could have a perfect bracket and lose this one.

The tiebreakers for the above are first the latest correct pick (ie If you tie someone, but you correctly picked the Cup winner while they did not, you would win), then after that the final scores for the MLS Cup Final, note that you should specify if you think the game will go to Extra Time or Penalties.

Enter the less serious...

Most Faithful - One point per incorrectly picked Sounders FC win (basically if you pick them to go all the way you win this award. Yes, it is pretty token).
Most Pessimistic - One point deducted for each incorrect Sounders FC pick (ie If you pick them to go all the way and we get booted in the first round, you end with a score of -3), and one point given for every round you do not pick the Sounders to win.
If only... - Pick the MLS Cup final score on the nose, but not the teams playing in it (ie If you pick a final score of 3-1 between SKC and the Galaxy, but the Sounders beat FC Dallas by that score, you win this award).
Well, there's always next year - Fail to pick any of the correct winners in all rounds.

The above can (and probably will) go to more than one person.

Commence with the picking!

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