Servando Carrasco Providing Sigi Schmid Options In Sounders Midfield

COLUMBUS, OH - MAY 7: Dilly Duka #11 of the Columbus Crew and Servando Carrasco #23 of the Seattle Sounders battle for control of the ball on May 7, 2011 at Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

While Seattle Sounders FC rookie Servando Carrasco is only the 7th most used midfielder on the team, that should not last long. Certainly not after performances like last week when he was recognized on the team of the week with midfielders David Beckham and Juninho. While those offensive threats may get more recognition from the greater populace the defensive midfielder like Carrasco can stop build-up play and prevent the #10s in the league from advancing the ball at their feet. Servando talked about that contest he faces in every match.

The most technical players play that 10 position. You have to get really close to them just to let them know you are there, but there's also certain times that you have to read their body language - whether they are going to turn into space or they are going to lay it off and kind of analyzing those situations.

We always do film before a game. I personally do film on the team that we are going to play, just to see who I am going to play against. Just to see their tendencies so that when I get into the game I am aware of what their tendencies are.

Servando addressed that the changing nature of the midfield has lead to him being slotted in different spots, but always providing the team a more defensive presence.

What ever the position is, you have to step on the field and make an impact. We all share the same goal. We all want to win. As long as the guy next to me works with me, and I work for him that's all we can do.

The young Cal product is not going to score as many goals as he did in college (13 goals in his 4 seasons), but he does provide options on a veteran laden team. Sometimes as a starter to provide a more defensive posture, as against the Columbus Crew, and others as a late substitute to help protect the tie or lead like against Toronto. He approaches opportunities in the 18 as a way to learn more about the league and his opponent.

You can take something away from everything - practice,a start, or an appearance. Whether I start or not I'm always watching the team. [Paying attention to] where I might go in, where I can make a direct impact. It depends on the game, but definitely whether I come in or not I'm always learning.

While the League recognized Servando for his performance in that start, he is a bit more humble.

Overall I did pretty well. It's always nice to step on the field whether for 90 minutes or as a sub. You have to come in with that mentality. I think I did average. I don't think I made a huge difference, but overall I helped the team. I believe we should have come away with a win in that game. It's kind of hard to give up a one-zero lead. We have to finish games off.

If that is only an average performance and with the injuries that have plagued the Sounders Sigi can get creative in his possible formations. Sometimes using two defensive mids, using Carrasco to lockdown a winger late in the game, or using Carrasco back and a more advanced Osvaldo Alonso. In a season where depth will be tested like no other, the Sounders have a clear second to Alonso who is capable of MLS starts.

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