FakeSigi... doublespeak?

K61's Note: If you're arriving here after reading FakeSigi's defense of his "lambasting of the MLS propaganda machine," I have responded below in the comments.

I have to admit I enjoy reading FakeSigi, but not for the usual reasons a fan enjoys reading a blog (and not for the same reasons I enjoy S@H, not even close).  It's mainly because I never know what I'm going to find in a post.  Sometimes he makes an amazingly clear, but non-obvious, point and I think "wow, he's so right."  Other times, he's bashing on people or teams in remarkably asinine ways (entertaining in a dirty street fight kind of way).  And sometimes I'll be reading a post, and by the end I've thrown up in my mouth.  Point is, you never know what you're going to get (FakeSigi=Forrest Gump?).

Case in point: today's post.  I'll skip to the end for this quote and save you the unrelated Sounders bashing at the beginning, or the ego stroking "research" in the middle.

If the message didn't come across clearly enough to coaches and players, that's the league's fault. It had a whole preseason to start handing out fake 10 game bans, and only did it once it was too late for Zakuani. It leaves the perception of doublespeak and promoting the league office's interests, as opposed to clearing up the standards employed by the Disciplinary Committee.

In case it isn't obvious, he's talking about Colorado Rapid Brian Mullan's 10 game suspension for the horror of a tackle over a week ago on Steve Zakuani (despite the title of the post: "Victory over Toronto makes me a god").

To find the counter to his comment, we can look no further than the same blog, one year earlier in this post, where he practically begs for the league to do something about the reckless, physical play in MLS:

And let me offer a comment - the league needs to do something about teams like Toronto that are using hit-hard tactics like tennis racquets (apologies to Kurupt). I'm all for a hard tasty game, but there comes a point when a yellow early in the game for a tackle with the intent to injure just isn't enough. Ljungberg's getting absolutely killed out there, and it's bullshit. There needs to be a concerted, coordinated effort on the part of the officials to stop those challenges on a league-wide basis. No matter what the clock says, no matter the backlash about it being unfair, the referees need to show some straight reds when stuff like that happens. Do it for a few games in a row, and the problem ends. Sure, it becomes harder for less talented, poorly coached teams to stay in the game, but who cares? Not me.

Emphasis added by yours truly.  So in summary, FakeSigi seems bent to hate on the league and ignore the fact that they're doing exactly what he (and many others) were pleading for just one year ago.  Nobody would have thought that the "backlash about it being unfair" would have come from the same guy who said a year ago that the backlash doesn't matter.

FakeFakeSigi out.

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