Cascadia Cup: Seattle Sounders v Vancouver Whitecaps - Gamethread

Cascadia Cup game two features the Seattle Sounders v Vancouver Whitecaps at Qwest Field.

Tom Soehn is still converting the Vancouver Whitecaps to be the team he always wanted it to be, he did pick the talent after all. Reports from up North were that practices went back to fundamentals, simple movements, simple passes. Which practically screams that the ‘Caps will be back at the beginning, even though the season is a third over at this point. But there emotions will be up. This is a derby (not a race, that's fancy English for rivalry) and so players may act beyond their norm doing things that are amazing and should not be expected long term.

For Seattle Sounders FC this is the final home match of the 2011 Cascadia Cup competition. Getting four points at home is necessary for Seattle to take the trophy, and three points today will continue the Rave Green's run for bigger trophies than Supporters' Cups. While the Cascadia Cup is a nice vessel to hold over the heads of our closest neighbors, the target is not just earning this, but winning the majors. Sigi Schmid will likely use another new lineup tonight as he continues to explore how to get the synchronicity that will have the team working at its talent level.

The game is on Fox Soccer (National) and KIRO 97.3 FM (Arlo) at 7:30 PM

Match Day Prep: Lineup Card | Three Questions | Scouting Report

Opposing Looks at EightySixForever

Tactical Keys

  • Unlock forward scoring
  • Use ball and player movement to create space
  • Recognize and stop the simple play
  • Play simple and clean

Player Matchups




Traditional Goals Assists Save % GAA
Whitecaps Two (4) Chiumiento (5) Nolly (64%) Cannon (1.33)
Sounders Evans (4) Montero (4) Keller (77%) Keller (0.87)
Advanced PP90  Shot +/- Team Shot +/-  90 Team ShOG +/- 90
Whitecaps Hassli (1.14) Dunfield (-0.24) -4.14 -0.86
Sounders Evans (0.97) Montero (3.36) 2.80 0.47
Opta Duels Won % Passing % Opp Pass % Possession
Whitecaps 49.8 71.9 76.4 43.6
Sounders 51.5 71.8 72.7 51.2

Beer: Brougham Bitter
Scarf: Nos Audietis (~10 left contact Jeremiah)
Kit: Rave Green ‘09
Where I'm Watching: Sec 214 Row B/C, Seats 1-3

Nos Audietis In Somniis | Nos Audietis In Altum
You Will Hear Us In Your Sleep | You Will Hear Us From The Deep

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