Practice Report: Ngassa In Training, White Continues Advancing, Osvaldo Alonso Chat

PORTLAND, OR - JULY 10: Osvaldo Alonso #6 of the Seattle Sounders battles Steve Purdy #25 of the Portland Timbers on July 10, 2011 at Jeld-Wen Field in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Today in Seattle Sounders camp there were a few notable items. In addition to the numerous trialists, to include Mrisho Ngassa, in training today. Tomorrow we'll find out if more will get a longer look, as some were necessary so the starters could do regeneration and the rest of the team could scrimmage. Several of the faces would be familiar to those who tightly follow the Sounders Academy as some of the U-18s were there. Heck of a way to spend your summer huh?

Media did not watch the scrimmage, but when it opened up there were finishing drills for those that didn't go 45+ yesterday and O'Brian White was participating. His continuing advancement is exciting for there is obviously a need for depth now even more than before as there will be 3 matches every 2 weeks for some time.

While Fredy Montero won the Player of the Week, and is up for the Goal of the Week, the Honey Badger did something else pretty amazing. Not only did he nail a penalty, not only did he win the ball like we expect him to every match, he also continues to advance his passing skills. He completed 88% of his passes, slightly down from previous matches. Osvaldo Alonso has not yet made the All-Star game, but he certainly will. Our discussion, all in English, started with the penalty kick.

SaH: Do you try to outguess the keeper or do you concentrate on yourself and what you want to do?

Alonso: No, I concentrate on myself. I try to score the goal. That's more important at this moment.

SaH: You placed it there [indicating the left corner] next time do you put it somewhere else, do you mix it up with a different signal?

Alonso: No. The penalty, when it comes, I see how I do. It was very important for the team that I make that penalty against Portland.

SaH: This year your passing game has improved, Sigi calls it new passes, how has that been?

Alonso: My third year here in Seattle and every day I see the people on the team. It is very important for us, the team, to play and I need to give my best to them.

SaH: The team is doing well in the standings, do you focus on the next game or celebrate the win?

Alonso: No, we are playing to win. We did that in the Portland game and now we focus on the Galaxy game on Wednesday, then Saturday we just keep going.

SaH: You are a classic ball winner. Is there a player when they have the ball you get more motivated to win it?

Alonso: My position is to win the ball. Somebody gets the ball I want to get it.

SaH: Is there a specific player that inspires you more than usual?

Alonso: No. It is my position. I try to [Montero interrupts in Spanish] Can you repeat the question?

SaH: If there is a player known for dribbling do you try harder?

Alonso: In my mind, it is my goal to keep the possession for the team.

SaH: Doesn't matter if it is Jewsbury or Donovan you are going to win it?

Alonso: Yeah, yeah. That's my goal.

SaH: You have a few goals. You don't have an assist. We going to see that soon?

Alonso: I'm not looking for assists, or goals. I'm looking for what's best for the team, for the three points. If the assist is coming it is OK, but my goal is to play well for the team - to help the team and keep winning.

Honey Badger does care. He just doesn't care about the opposition.

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