Seattle Sounders in FIFA 13

What soccer fan doesn't play FIFA? Also, what person in general doesn't play FIFA? It's probably the best game released in the past year. FIFA 13 has seen sales rise 40% since last seasons installment, and sold 4.5 million units within it's first week. This years game is much improved seeing drastic changes to the ability to control the first touch, better tactical defending, and finally being able to buy a player and include one of your own as part of a transfer!

I have played two full seasons as the Seattle Sounders and of course won the MLS Cup and Open Cup both years. I play 90% of the games or more each season mostly simulating the friendlies and the games after a long international break. I am going to give you a quick run down of where I am at, and some tips to keep in mind when starting your own franchise as the Seattle Sounders.

To start this off I need to say that I kept the team as close to the real life Sounders as possible. Babayele Sodade and Andrew Duran are both hurt during the first season(this season) so I loaned them out to make it fair. Also, I should state that Fredy Montero forced his way out of the team by demanding to be transferred. I sold him for 12 million to Arsenal, and preceded to buy Landon Donovan to replace him. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your Sounders franchise. (Here I will use the Sounders player ratings as used in offline mode)

1. Don't sell Michael Gspurning!

Michael Gspurning starts out as a 74, but becomes a 77 when used as the regular keeper. Clubs will offer around 2.2-2.8 million for him, but don't do it. He keeps his value for 2+ years and is a great player in the game. He plays well, and as he does in real life, commands the box and makes those stunning saves.

2. Play Osvaldo Alonso as much as possible.

Honey Badger is the best player the Sounders will produce on FIFA 13. He starts as a 76, but becomes an 81. When not in the lineup, the Sounders are lacking something that Servando Carrasco or Andy Rose cannot provide. He will be called up to the United States National Team, but it's worth it to have the best player in the MLS on your team.

3. Make sure Cordell Cato is well compensated.

If Cato isn't played regularly, or paid enough he becomes quickly upset with his manager. He deserves to be played since Mauro doesn't play well in the game, and regresses too quickly and retires within two years. Cato's speed in FIFA is top notch, and if you use it to blow past opposing left backs, make sure to send in crosses to EJ.

4. Eddie Johnson is a beast.

Eddie is only given a 71 rating, but plays as an 80 or higher when used in FIFA. His speed is better than advertised and makes great runs the entire game. He puts the majority of crosses on frame and can pretty much out jump defenders. Don't sell EJ as teams will quickly send in transfer offers for his services. The Sounders back up strikers are no where near the quality that Eddie provides.

5. Play Andrew Duran and not Jeff Parke.

It's as simple as this: Jeff Parke, after the first year doesn't play well in the game and Andrew Duran just gets better and better. Parke is too easily beaten off the dribble by players with even mediocre speed and he cannot catch up to them. Duran has great positioning and makes key standing tackles when used alongside Patrick Ianni.

When playing as the Souders, you are given a small transfer and wage budget. If you go out and spend all your money on a player, you will lose players like Steve Zakuani, and Alonso. Play Alex Caskey and Andy Rose just like Sigi would in real life, and make sure to play Michael Tetteh who is great when used as a Left Back.

You are free to use any formation you please, but actually playing like how the Sounders play in real life is a great strategy for FIFA 13. Just be willing to sit Mauro and Tiffert from time to time to make sure they don't regress too fast, which they will.

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