Sounders v Real Salt Lake - Referee, Injuries, Statistics

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With 24 hours to go prior to the match between Seattle and Salt Lake a final injury update, a look at the referee and some of the statistics about how the teams play.

In the old gamethread we posted a bunch of data that would rapidly get lost when comments start going crazy. Now days we are able to present that data. This data preview will look at the referee, players with warnings, current injuries and some of the statistics that describe style of play and successes of each team.

Key injuries for Seattle are known. Jhon Kennedy Hurtado has a facial fracture and they are trying to find what mask would work best to protect him and allow him to play. Leo Gonzalez pulled his hamstring and will be out for a couple more weeks. Both injuries are along the back line and Patrick Ianni is just coming back from a groin issue. He left practice early today but there was no indication of any injury.

The referee won't make you happy. Not that any referee assignment makes Sounders fans happy, it's just that this one has a particular bite still.

Statistically the Sounders hold the advantage. In Run of Play, in Dead Ball situations and in the final 30 minutes of the match they will have the edge on Real Salt Lake. They shoot more often both in quantity and frequency than their opponents and hold a slight disadvantage in net shooting percentage on frame.


Referee: Ricardo Salazar MLS Career: 159 games; FC/gm: 26.9; Y/gm: 3.5; R: 45; pens: 57
AR1 (bench): Corey Rockwell; AR2 (opposite): Jeff Hosking; 4th: Tyler Ploeger

Suspended Next Yellow: SEA: Osvaldo Alonso, Fredy Montero RSL: Javier Morales, Alvaro Saborio


SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC - OUT: FW Babayele Sodade (R knee ACL tear); DF Andrew Duran (L ACL surgery); DOUBTFUL: DF Leo Gonzalez (R hamstring strain); DF Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (facial fracture)

REAL SALT LAKE - OUT: GK Lalo Fernandez (R wrist fracture); DOUBTFUL: DF Kwame Watson-Siriboe (R leg strain);QUESTIONABLE: MF Ned Grabavoy (R quad strain); PROBABLE: DF Chris Wingert (turf toe); DF Tony Beltran (R knee soreness)

Team Statistics Matchups

Team Shots +/- Run of Play Dead Ball Net Strike Rate Net On Frame Final 30
Seattle 3.8 10 3 3.9% 3.3% 10
RSL 0.6 7 -1 2.3% 4.0% -3

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