Sounders Centric Power Rankings - Final

In the final Power Rankings of the regular season the Seattle Sounders still sit at third and even got a vote for second.

With the MLS Cup Playoffs starting tonight (Chicago v Houston on NBC Sports ESPN2 at 6 PM Pacific) this is the final SBN MLS Cup Power Rankings. As usual we'll focus on how the Seattle Sounders and their pre-season rivals looked. Before we get into that though here's the reminder that San Jose is still number one and KC is number two (getting all but one vote at that place).

Local writers were more down on Seattle than those scattered around the league. Seattle's writers had them 3,4,4 and 6. That six was the lowest vote for the Sounders. Four was the most common ranking with three the next. A single ranker put them second, fifth and that local at sixth. Real Salt Lake was seen as worse than the Sounders by all by five voters (there were 16 total in this round). The LA Galaxy's late season surge pushed them into sixth. This also means that of the top six four were in the West, despite the East holding the points contest and head-to-head. Perception is still of the strength being here on the Left Coast.

The Vancouver Whitecaps backed into the Playoffs and were therefore ranked higher than the Impact and Dallas. They were not considered better than the Crew, because watching games matters. The high point in Vancouver's season was right about the time they decided to blow the team up, because RENNIE! Portland Timbers FC managed to drag themselves out of the bottom. Or maybe that was just because the Goats and Reds wanted the top picks more than they did.

Playoffs by Power Ranking
West East
Quakes Sporks
Sounders United
RSL Fire
Galaxy Red Bulls
Whitecaps Dynamo

Dave's Final Rankings

  1. 'Quakes - because duh
  2. Sporks - all the defense belongs to KC
  3. Sounders - there are indications that they were unlucky. Sagarin loves them too.
  4. RSL - Older, wiser, but slightly injured.
  5. Galaxy - Primed for a run, except for that extra round and facing San Jose.
  6. United - Great offense, adequate defense and a keeper who can be great - someday.
  7. Red Bulls - Great offense, no defense, no keeper.
  8. Dynamo - Excels at Playoff style play.
  9. Fire - Overperformed pythag third most in MLS and most of playoff teams.
  10. Crew - Hosed by the new playoff format. Clearly deserve to be there.
  11. Toros - No team was more ravaged by injury and if season was month longer would be in Playoffs, or not, as they sat John.
  12. Whitecaps - You lost at home to Portland
  13. Impact - A fine first season. News today is that they are going to blow the team up, because emulating the Timbers is a good idea?
  14. Revs - A nondescript season with some indications of a positive future.
  15. Union - Two years in a row they've decided that a huge contract doesn't deserve to play. Way to scout!
  16. Rapids - They moved away from their foul prone ways and became more fun to watch. Next year could make a push.
  17. Balsa - Weak, frail and celebrating a regional Cup as if it is a major trophy. Had two poor first time MLS coaches and will replace them with a third first time MLS coach.
  18. Goats - Remember when they were awful and tried to be a Mexican team in SoCal? They are about to do that again!
  19. Mariners - Struggling to rebuild a fanbase after wasting trust and talent for five years.
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