MLS salaries updated: Sounders paying players about $4.2 million in guaranteed compensation

Jeff Vinnick - Getty Images

Salaries of newcomers Christian Tiffert, Marcus Hahnemann, Mario Martinez among the new additions.

Despite setting an attendance record for the fourth straight year, the Seattle Sounders remain relatively frugal with their spending in relation to player salaries, according to the latest salary dump from the MLS Players' Union. The Sounders' total guaranteed compensation comes in at about $4.2 million, which ranks as the eighth highest figure in MLS. That's actually up slightly from last year when the Sounders ranked 11th with a total guaranteed compensation of about $3.4 million.

The notable additions to the Sounders in this latest salary dump were Christian Tiffert ($625,000 in total compensation), Marcus Hahnemann ($60,000) and Mario Martinez ($48,000). Tiffert, who qualifies as a Designated Player, actually has a base salary equivalent to Fredy Montero ($600,000), but his total compensation is about $125,000 less than his fellow DP.

Assuming both are around next season, Hahnemann and Martinez would both seem to qualify as relative bargains, albeit with significant caveats. Despite a resume as good as almost any American goalkeeper in history, Hahnemann will most likely be a backup and his salary is essentially reflective of that. Martinez, while a young up-and-coming player, will hit the salary cap at a much higher number, as some loan fee was paid to Real Espana for his services.

Last First Pos Base Total comp
Montero Fredy F $600,000.00 $756,000.00
Tiffert Christian M $600,000.00 $625,000.00
Gspurning Michael GK $200,000.00 $275,000.00
Rosales Mauro M $200,000.00 $225,000.00
Parke Jeff D $185,325.00 $185,325.00
Alonso Osvaldo M $185,000.00 $185,000.00
Johansson Adam D $175,000.00 $182,833.33
Hurtado John Kennedy D $160,000.00 $161,000.00
Evans Brad F $145,475.00 $159,225.00
Gonzalez Leonardo D $125,000.00 $125,000.00
White O'Brian F $110,000.00 $110,000.00
Zakuani Steve F $110,000.00 $208,000.00
Johnson Eddie F $100,000.00 $106,333.33
Ianni Patrick D $89,303.00 $89,303.00
Tetteh Michael M $66,000.00 $83,663.06
Burch Marc D $65,000.00 $65,000.00
Hahnemann Marcus GK $60,000.00 $60,000.00
Ochoa Sammy F $55,000.00 $57,500.00
Weber Andrew GK $51,996.00 $58,445.93
Martinez Mario M $48,000.00 $48,000.00
Scott Zach D $46,314.00 $46,314.00
Carrasco Servando M $44,100.00 $44,100.00
Cato Cordell F $44,000.00 $44,000.00
Estrada David F $44,000.00 $44,000.00
Ford Josh GK $44,000.00 $44,000.00
Caskey Alex M $33,756.00 $33,756.00
Rose Andy M $33,756.00 $33,756.00
Sodade Babayele F $33,756.00 $33,756.00
Duran Andrew D $33,750.00 $33,750.00
Meredith Bryan GK $33,750.00 $33,750.00
Seamon Michael M $33,750.00 $33,750.00
Steres Daniel D $33,750.00 $33,750.00
Average: $118,430.66 $132,009.71
Median: $62,500.00 $62,500.00
Total: $3,789,781.00 $4,224,310.65
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