Major Link Soccer: Former Sounders, Donovan quitting?, Agudelo to worse league

Once and Always a Sounder - Getty Images

It was a long weekend, time to catchup on the news.

It was a weekend so long it takes two editions of Major Link Soccer to catch you up on what's been happening around the league and American soccer. First, take a moment and go read the MajLinkSoc that went up while you were in a food coma and/or shopping. Then return here and read about some former Sounders, LA losing another DP and more.

Two former Sounders were in the news over the weekend. Harry Redknapp finds himself back in charge of an EPL side. He now helms Queens Park Rangers as they prepare to get relegated and bounce back up as quickly as possible. Redknapp is now linked with ever former England national who is over the age of 30, including Beckham.

Much less famous, former trialist Mrisho Ngassa is now a feature left wing. He assisted twice as Tanzania beat Sudan. His club side is in third. While not a Sounder, Mike Ryan's contributions to Puget Sound soccer can not be ignored. It is a shame that his passing is what is reminding us to learn our history.

Here's a hint for anyone wanting an interview with Landon Donovan. It's late Fall and he's bored with soccer. Dust off the version of the story you read last year and the year before. This year is no change and he keeps telling us all the time, via whatever venue deigns to ask him. He probably isn't quitting, so don't get your hopes up.

Also, Chivas USA is going to be ten times better. That's as likely as Juan Agudelo transferring to a league of lower quality than MLS.

All the Playoff goals. This year there are three from the Seattle Sounders!

The regular season Goal of the Year features two Sounders and two other guys. The Save of the Year has Nick Rimando competing with himself and himself and a guy who lost his starting job.

Last, let's talk about the potential for Sirens FC again. The idea that the Sirens were a somewhat sexualized death-dealer is consistent with the history of the legend in academic literature (source 1, 2). It is also by far the most sexual name in the history of WUSA, WPS, WPSL and the W-League. The next closest would either be the WildCatz or the Cougars (though they are clearly named after the animal).

Good news though - it seems like that name isn't a lock.

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