Major Link Soccer: MLS Cup, Hope (for no more news) Solo, Idiot Fans

Jonathan Ferrey

Yeah, David Beckham stirs weird, uncomfortable feelings in all of us, but that doesn't mean that throwing bottles on the field is a good idea.

The final is upon us, and with it the MLS career of Sir Beckham. But another Galaxy midfielder is pushing really hard to make sure his "retirement" is just as important. I'm sure Landon Donovan doesn't like the idea of his last hurrah getting passed over, but that is one of the few consequences of playing on such a star-studed lineup. Being the best isn't always good enough. But you know what? Good riddance to the both of them.

The smart money (aka the hype) has the Galaxy in the Saturday matchup, but Houston has been on an absolute tear as of late and certainly can use last year as motivation. Watching the Gals win would be disgusting, but hopefully it'll be the end for a while.

Talk of soccer stadia construction has EXPANDED past just New York and Orlando, infecting such cultural icons as Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh. Tampa is looking to get back into the MLS game, while the Pitt is seeking a new home for their USL Riverhounds. Before that though, people are getting in line for the chance to own MLS 20 in New York. It's like the Powerball, only you have to spend all that money in Queens.

The Sounders scored no playoff goals in 2009, one in 2010, two in 2011, and three this season. It seems they may be contractually obligated to continue the pattern into the future, which means by 2022 Seattle will be an unstoppable scoring machine and by 2100 MLS will no longer bother to do playoffs as Seattle is scoring over ten goals per match. Here are the three from this campaign, surrounded by a bunch of filler shots.

Time for some "where are they now" for former Sounders. Sebastian Le Toux is expected to be out of New York. Tyrone Marshall is finally calling it quits as one of the top ten in MLS history for minutes played. Former Sounders trialist Mrisho Ngassa took two assists with him in a recent win over Sudan. Mike Fucito gets graded out in Portland, and the results aren't favorable. One assumes Levesque is still happily retired. I've got to get into UW's business school...

Lookout Landing recently reminded me of those silly quizes that populated the internet back in the early 2000s. "Find out which celebrity you are!" They always told me I was Fabio. Seems MLS recently took one of those personality tests, and you'll never guess what sports league the quiz found it looked like!

I pray I don't have to talk about Hope Solo again next week. She's on a bad run, and I want to give her some positive press, but even with her help in a drubbing of Ireland this week, she is making herself really hard to just enjoy as a great soccer player. Her husband just got arrested AGAIN, the second time in two weeks and first since they were married about ten days ago.

Kevin Payne has left DC United, and is already in at Toronto FC. Juan Agudelo is reportedly on his way to Celtic, so there's that.

What does the rumor of a 24 hour Fox Sports channel mean for Fox Soccer and MLS? Probably not much since the league broke ties with the network, and have been enjoying better viewership numbers for it.

The final note of the day is for those who go to games at the Clink, particularly those in the Northeast corner. Police have released information about an incident at the end of our home Conference Final game against the Galaxy where a fan was throwing bottles at the referee as he left the pitch. Whoever this mystery person was, they were far from the only ones resorting to thrown bottles. A wigged individual was identified by police near my section for tossing anything he could find out onto the pitch. I just want to say to anyone who has ever considered such actions: You look absolutely ridiculous, even if I may or may not agree with your frustration. Rainbow afros don't help that perception.

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