Major Link Soccer: College Champion Crowned, DPs Past & Present, more

Zlatan to MLS? Keep laughing and please don't place that bet. - Dean Mouhtaropoulos

A defense of the college game; Kaka, Beckham and Zlatan?; why Chivas USA will struggle again and an embroidered logo on a scarf for ECS.

Indiana beat Georgetown in the NCAA Division One Men's Soccer tournament, but the game of the tourney was the Georgetown-Maryland semifinal. That was the news, but the bigger event may be that college coaches are hearing the national critique of their value and they are getting defensive.

Tell them to give me a call," he said of the many pundits who have predicted college soccer’s eventual irrelevance. "They’re either ignorant, or they’re just…not knowledgeable. OK? It’s embarrassing for anybody to think the college game is not relevant.

"In the 2010 World Cup, 16 of the 23 [U.S. national team] players played in the College Cup. Virtually every successful team in MLS has 70 percent college players on it. Virtually the top five coaches in the history of this game in the U.S. played in college or coached in college. So I take it personally that someone says to me that college is not relevant.

Click on because there's more. TopDrawerSoccer named their teams of the season. Husky Spencer Richie is on their second team.

There is a debate on whether or not MLS "needs" the big names now that Beckham is leaving. Richard Farley points out that MLS can sign great players and develop youth talent at the same time. It isn't a zero sum game. While LA is rumored to be signing Kaka they are also going to sign a couple HomeGrown Players.

Speaking of David Beckham he may be heading to my favorite team in the Mid East. Which I guess means I'm now an al-Sadd hipster.

Would you believe that sportsbooks in other places in the world place bet on where the uber-famous will wind up playing their next contract? Of course they do. The fact is that they want to take your money - and that's why an Italian group is saying that Zlatan is favored to come to MLS. Remember lines are set to make money, not necessarily to be right.

Chivas USA may have a new coach. Unless he's a fast learner there is great news for the rest of the Western Conference as Chelis says;

"I believe that in MLS almost all the teams play the same," he reportedly said. "The champion plays the same like all the teams; it's not that you want to improvise, but I don't have the sensibility to do what they do over there. It could be good as far as points and achievements, but I don't think I have the profile to play that kind of soccer."

Yep, all the same.

What's not the same? The ECS membership kit for 2013. The shirts are grey and the scarf has embroidery in it.

Upcoming on Sounder at Heart - more about the HomeGrown Player philosophy of Seattle Sounders FC, should Seattle ignore everything but the MLS Cup Playoffs and more.

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