Player Profile: Cordell Cato

Cato during preseason training. - Chris Coulter -

The young Trinidad & Tobago national played well in his limited time, just not well enough to crack into a veteran laden squad.

A speedy, young forward with youth national team experience Cato was more often used on the flanks with the Seattle Sounders. His loan goal in first team matches was in the barely seen Battle of Kezar when the Sounders plucked an Open Cup win despite tight scheduling, a poor field and a stadium with not enough bandwidth.

Player Name: Cordell Cato SaH Nickname: Boy on Fire National Affiliation: Trinidad & Tobago
Age: 20 Years Pro: 4 Years Sounder: 1
Position: Forward/Midfielder Role: Withdrawn Forward, Right Wing, Left Wing
Community Rank: 23

MLS (Playoff) Stats: 8 Subs for 117 Minutes | 0 Goals, 1 Assist, 0.77 PP90 (0)
Non-League Stats: 5 Starts, 2 Subs for 454 Minutes | 1 Goal, 3 Assists, 0.99 PP90
Reserve League Stats: 6 Starts, 2 Subs for 555 Minutes | 2 Goals, 0 Assists , 0.65 PP90

Deceivingly good at soccer stuff, most people saw Cato as just fast. Still raw and developing the Sounders did not pick up his option, but he may be back in 2013 anyway.

Skills on offense: He's fast with a good low cross. He's fast. Cato can't dribble and beat players, but tries. He's fast. Not a very good long distance passer he will need to develop his crossing skills for wide play in MLS. He's fast. A good finisher when in tight he will still take a shot from distance to keep the defense honest. By the way - he's fast.

Skills on defense: Fits the mold of other Sounders speedy wing players with harrying defense rather than skillful. Usually up quite high and not expected to track back often. His speed will give him opportunities to intercept the ball. Advancements in reading game tactics should come with experience.

Best Case 2013: Cato is the perfect example of a player who needs an expanded or shifted Reserve League. He can do just fine in T&T, but with a stronger system for U23 pros in America he could have a Nyassi like career.

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