Major Link Soccer: More Seattle Qualifier Hand-Wringing

Coming to Seattle. - Jim Rogash

One site thinks the Emerald City will host the Nats as soon as June 11.

I'm bringing you the news today with a (possibly) sprained right hand and right foot. The former sustained on Wednesday enjoying the excellent Snoqualmie Pass snow, and the latter getting in on a game of indoor soccer the next day. I was dumb enough to try to slide and awkward enough to jam my foot into the darned field turf. Which deserves ALL the blame for my injury!

Because it would have been impossible for me to slip or trip on some temporary turf, inserted only days before and with little time to bond. I think most of us know what I'm talking about, even if I'm not sure I do. Oh right, the Definite Probable Possible World Cup Qualifier in Seattle this summer! The latest rumors have us with a match on June 11, though it seems US Soccer is being a jerk about the field situation.

On the Womens side, the first signs of distrust in the new league are rearing their head. Megan Rapinoe (to the agony of Portland natives) has reportedly decided she'd rather take her chances in Lyon than to potentially play for her hometown team. With rumors indicating that Hope Solo and Alex Morgan would do the same, it is clear that the NWSL has a tall mountain to climb.

Speaking of Morgan, Fox usually has a difficult time picking a single player as their "player of the year" (or at least, that's what their lead says) but Morgan is nice and unanimous in 2012. Consider Morgan part of my soccer Christmas list. I no longer need a coach, as the Reign have that covered to good reviews.

This year's "All in" tifo didn't really thrill me all that much (honestly, enjoyed Portland's banner more this year) but MLSsoccer disagrees, calling it the best display of 2012. Congrats ECS, but can I be on the design team for 2013? I've got some swell ideas that combine My Little Pony with Jose Canseco.

Futbolmls on potential future Homegrown Sounder Right Back DeAndre Yedlin.

The fan movement of the last decade in MLS (not including DC of course) has been a big boon to the image of the league, but for Garber and co to get where they want, more needs to be done. But what?

*Blah blah blah MLS 20 New York Cosmos blah blah blah*

Montreal has narrowed down their shopping list for new head coaches, and if they become so successful that a movie is made about them, it will be called "Must Speak French".

Over the last several years, the Colorado Rapids have been defined by their attacking duo of Connor Casey and Omar Cummings. That pair earned the squad an MLS Cup is now out of the state, completed with Cummings' trade to Houston.

On the international front, it seems that UEFA's sanctions are more potent than the NFL's, having banned eight clubs (including Malaga) from next year's tournament.

Now for the lightning round: MLSsoccer is 2/3rds of the way through their "Best of 2012" series. In reverse order, as follows: Houston's new beautiful digs, the away stadium I most want to visit; Rafa Marquez is finally out of the league, causing far more consternation off the field than he ever made for off it; Even more disastrous was the Peter Nowak debacle, which has only sort of been rectified by the return of Le Toux to Philadelphia; Toronto has been the mirror image of the Sounders in their first several seasons, going through several coaches to Sigi's one; The setup of the league Disciplinary Committee made sure the players got what they deserved, but did nothing for the referees; Montreal opened the season to several 50,000+ crowds; Earthquakes being really good until that final tournament; Columbus rookie Kirk Urso passes away mid season; Zach Scott reminisces about the moment he felt that Steve Zakuani had truly returned (and some footnote about the MLS Cup Champions)

Now that that's done, would someone mind changing the ice on my ankle?

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