Sounder at Heart Awards Voting - Young Player of the Year

Thearon W. Henderson

As the Seattle Sounders aged there is not a star player on the list of eligible players, but there is an Olympian.

Many leagues give an award for the "Young Player of the Year." While the ages are different depending on the award giver (we use Olympic U23 rules), the effort is there to give a little honor towards a player (and in league awards the team) that is an up-and-comer. In 2009 the Sounder at Heart Young Player was a certain Montero, in 2010 Zakuani and in 2011 Carrasco. As the core of the team ages the prospects become full on pros. In 2012 the options are diverse - a keeper, a center mid, a speedy winger and an Olympian.

Bryan Meredith - 17 all competitions starts and 2 sub appearances - 1620 minutes

It was a long road, and one with a little bit of luck for him, but the second year pro got a significant run of play. At first he seemed like the keeper of the future, but in the end he seemed like a keeper. Still young and with a future ahead of him the two year pro announced over twitter that he was released.

Andy Rose - 19 starts, 14 subs, 4 goals, 5 assists - 1626 minutes

The young multi-national center mid went from being drafted in the Supplemental Draft to becoming a semi-regular player with the Sounders. His role flexibility reminds of Evans as he played D-Mid, Center Mid and Right Mid at various points while adding a bit of offense to his generally strong defense.

Cordell Cato - 5 starts, 10 subs, 1 goal, 4 assists - 571 minutes

One of the youngest Sounders to score throughout this multi-decade existence the goal was one of the more important of the 2012 season. Cato put Seattle up in the Battle of Kezar and then would find his minutes coming to a trickle as Seattle's older wingers got healthy. Often used on the right when he played his speed changed games. His cross was low and to the feet. Cato also announced over twitter that 2012 was his last with Seattle.

Mario Martinez - 5 starts, 5 subs, 1 goal, 2 assists - 483 minutes

The two-time Honduran Olympian did not play much in the Rave Green, but those limited performances came in crunch time. He scored the goal that killed the Playoff Monkey, provided strong crosses, good dead ball service, but little defense. His wing play was more like a Rosales than a Zakuani. He played the least, but his impact was great.

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