Re-Entry Draft Stage 2 - What You Need to Know

Stage Two of the MLS Re-Entry Draft will be held this coming Friday, Dec. 14th at 12pm PST via conference call. Stage Two is significantly different than Stage One, as teams are not obligated to pick up a player's contract "as is". Rather, the drafting team has an opportunity to renegotiate the player's salary. Per the MLS website:

In Stage Two, clubs may select from players that are under contract and those not under contract. If a player is not under contract, the drafting club will be required to make a genuine offer to the player within seven days. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached between the drafting club and an out-of-contract player, the drafting club will hold the right of first refusal for that player in MLS.

If a player is not selected in either stage of the Re-Entry Process, that player will be available on a first come first serve basis to all clubs.

While Stage One is typically light on the action, Stage Two tends to be reasonably exciting. Last year, for example, 10 players were taken in this stage - including two from the Sounders (Noonan by LA, Jaqua by NE) and one by the Sounders (Burch from DC). LA was the most active last year selecting four players.

Each team participates in Round 1, and must either select a player or pass. Once a team has passed, they are "out" and may not participate in any subsequent rounds. The draft continues until a round has been completed without a player being selected. Last year, that happened in the 5th round (LA having taken a player in the previous four rounds).

Below is a list of the players available including compensation from last year (base and guaranteed), position, and age. There are definitely some interesting names on the list, including a number of defenders that could provide some needed depth on the backline. Beneath the table is a link to download the info in excel format for your sorting pleasure.

Draft Order: 1. Toronto FC, 2. Chivas USA, 3. Portland Timbers, 4. New England Revolution, 5. Philadelphia Union, 6. Colorado Rapids, 7. FC Dallas, 8. Montreal Impact, 9. Columbus Crew, 10. Vancouver Whitecaps FC, 11. Chicago Fire, 12. Real Salt Lake, 13. New York Red Bulls, 14. Sporting Kansas City, 15. San Jose Earthquakes, 16. Seattle Sounders FC, 17. D.C. United, 18. Houston Dynamo, 19. LA Galaxy

TEAM First Name Last Name Reason 2012 Salary 2012 Guaranteed Comp Position Age
Chicago Jay Nolly Opt Decl $78,250.00 $78,250.00 GK 30
Chicago Corben Bone Opt Decl $100,000.00 $161,200.00 MF 24
Chicago Dan Gargan Opt Decl $88,000.00 $88,000.00 RB,MF 30
Chivas USA Juan Pablo Angel Out of Cont $350,000.00 $600,000.00 FW 37
Chivas USA Peter Vagenas Out of Cont $70,000.00 $85,000.00 MF 34
Chivas USA Danny Califf Opt Decl $275,000.00 $275,000.00 CB 32
Chivas USA Alejandro Moreno Opt Decl $185,000.00 $195,000.00 FW 33
Columbus Will Hesmer Opt Decl $170,000.00 $181,000.00 GK 31
Columbus Julius James Opt Decl $100,000.00 $100,000.00 CB 28
Colorado Scott Palguta Out of Cont $63,670.00 $63,670.00 CB 30
Colorado Conor Casey Opt Decl $400,000.00 $400,000.00 FW 31
Colorado Hunter Freeman Opt Decl $105,000.00 $110,792.50 RB,MF 27
Colorado Jamie Smith Opt Decl $148,992.00 $158,992.00 MF 32
Colorado Ian Joyce Opt Decl $44,004.00 $44,004.00 GK 27
Colorado Joseph Nane Opt Decl $44,100.00 $44,100.00 MF 25
Colorado Tyson Wahl Opt Decl $65,000.00 $86,086.67 LB,CB 28
D.C. United Michael Chabala Opt Decl $75,000.00 $83,333.33 LB 28
FC Dallas Bruno Guarda Out of Cont $60,000.00 $75,000.00 MF 26
FC Dallas Kevin Hartman Out of Cont $165,000.00 $185,000.00 GK 38
FC Dallas Julian De Guzman Out of Cont $1,863,996.00 $1,910,746.00 MF 31
FC Dallas Scott Sealy Opt Decl $50,004.00 $50,004.00 FW 31
Houston Colin Clark Out of Cont $105,427.00 $110,427.00 MF 28
Sporting KC Olukorede Aiyegbusi Opt Decl $44,100.00 $44,100.00 LB, MF 24
Sporting KC Luke Sassano Opt Decl $81,000.00 $83,025.00 RB, MF 27
LA Galaxy Chad Barrett Opt Decl $220,000.00 $253,333.33 FW 27
LA Galaxy Andrew Boyens Opt Decl $62,500.00 $65,783.33 CB 29
LA Galaxy Bryan Jordan Opt Decl $55,000.00 $55,000.00 RB, MF, FW 27
LA Galaxy Pat Noonan Opt Decl $70,000.00 $70,000.00 MF, FW 32
Montreal Shavar Thomas Opt Decl $80,000.00 $94,666.67 CB 31
New England Tim Murray Opt Decl $44,100.00 $44,100.00 GK 25
New England Blair Gavin Opt Decl $60,000.00 $80,000.00 MF 23
New York Bill Gaudette Opt Decl $60,000.00 $63,255.00 GK 31
New York Stephen Keel Opt Decl $65,000.00 $65,000.00 CB 29
Philadelphia Chase Harrison Opt Decl $44,000.04 $44,000.04 GK 28
Portland Lovel Palmer Opt Decl $96,250.00 $96,250.00 RB, MF 28
RSL Paulo Araujo Jr. Opt Decl $65,000.00 $65,000.00 FW 23
RSL Kyle Reynish Opt Decl $66,000.00 $74,304.00 GK 29
Seattle Andrew Weber Opt Decl $51,996.00 $58,445.93 GK 29
Seattle Mike Seamon Opt Decl $33,750.00 $33,750.00 RB, MF 24
San Jose Jean Alexandre ??? $44,100.00 $44,100.00 MF 26
San Jose Tim Ward Out of Cont $65,000.00 $65,000.00 RB,LB,CB,DM 25
San Jose Ramiro Corrales Opt Decl $173,250.00 $183,875.00 CB,LB,MF 35
San Jose Joseph Gjertsen Opt Decl $85,000.00 $93,625.00 MF 30
San Jose Khari Stephenson Opt Decl $190,000.00 $203,333.33 MF 31
Toronto Eric Avila Out of Cont $125,000.00 $158,000.00 MF 25
Toronto Adrian Cann Opt Decl $126,000.00 $134,750.00 CB 31
Toronto Ty Harden Opt Decl $90,000.00 $98,666.67 LB,CB 28
Toronto Andrew Wiedeman Opt Decl $80,000.00 $123,000.00 FW 23
Vancouver John Thorrington Opt Decl $170,000.00 $170,000.00 MF 33

Download the table above in Excel (note: table above is current as of 12/13, excel sheet is not)

Sources: Player list from, Salaries from,%202012%20Salary%20Information%20-%20By%20Club.pdf ...everything else through google and the wonders of the interwebs.

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