Lineup Juggling In Opportunity Week

How much will Christian Sivebaek play during Opportunity Week?Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

Sigi Schmid is calling a week with a US Open Cup match and a short turn around for an MLS Reserve League game "Opportunity Week." Within a game against the Atlanta Silverbacks that is a "must win" by nature of a knockout tournament and a results don't matter much Reserve match at Starfire on Friday night against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Schmid will get to rest his MLS starters a bit. Fans of the Seattle Sounders will also get to see those players which have rarely donned the Rave Green, as long as they are healthy.

With seven players out due to various degress of injury, which players will we see when? When Sigi said at practice yesterday, "Everybody is going to get an opportunity to show themselves and show that, ‘Hey Coach, you’ve been looking past me, you need to look at me because I’m a guy who can play.’ It’s a great chance for our guys and they would be making a big mistake if they look past it," who will take this chance to shine?

Like many MLS teams some stars will rest in Open Cup action, though not likely to the LA Galaxy's level of sitting five starters still with the club. One thing seems relatively certain, Seattle is looking to make history with a four-peat. Se4ttle is the goal. Taking the relatively weak Silverbacks easy ends that. The Open Cup also only allows five active "internationals." Maybe there is a bit of good news in that Osvaldo Alonso can't play in the next MLS match in mid-June. His presence clearly changes games.

So who do you start in which of the two games?

From the upcoming depth chart's lower section and healthy enough to play Wednesday night;

Forwards: Montero, Johnson, Estrada, Cato, Ochoa, Rosales, Levesque, Sivebaek
Wide Mids: Rosales, Fernandez, Estrada, Caskey, Cato, Burch, Levesque, Sivebaek, Seamon, Tetteh
Center Mids: Alonso, Evans, Rose, Caskey, Estrada, Fernandez, Seamon
Fullbacks: Burch, Scott, Duran, Levesque, Tetteh, Estrada?, Evans?
Centerback: Parke, Hurtado, Scott, Duran, Rose
Keeper: Meredith, Weber

Anyone with more than 700 minutes is in italics as potential to be rested.

Have fun juggling.

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