More Time With Fredy Montero

Aug 21, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC forward Fred Montero throws out the first pitch prior to the game between the Seattle Mariners and the Cleveland Indians at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

Fredy Montero is all over the place these days. He's on a national television program as the second player profiled for the new program MLS36. He threw out the first pitch at the Mariners game. He's hosted a chat on twitter to help promote Gatorade's Beat The Heat campaign for awareness of proper hydration and training in the heat of summer. He'll be on a bunch of podcasts, radio and other media as part of that.

I talked to Fredy today at practice about some off field things in a longer form situation. One things that's quickly clear: Montero's English is strong. He's tweeting bilingually. He brings up the Gatorade campaign unprompted. He's getting kind of savvy. He understands and enjoys talking about the fans and community in Seattle. This is not a tactics post, instead it is a slightly more extended look into Fredy Montero.

SaH: When you came to Seattle did you foresee being on national TV?

Montero: I always had the dream that I would perform well and have the opportunity to show everybody why I'm here, why the team brought me here, but after this year it was amazing to be on national TV with MLS36. It was good for me, for my family and good for the team too.

SaH: On MLS36 you talked about the weather in Seattle being different. How does that change training?

Montero: It was a big change in my career when I came here. I was always playing where it was hot and humid. So you have to eat and drink fluid with electrolytes to make you feel comfortable. But here in the USA you will find you have every single season, or weather. I feel good after these years and feeling healthy.

SaH: Do road games change preparation?

Montero: It has to change. You have to be focused for every single kind of weather. Every city is different, every country and obviously with Gatorade it gives you a good possibility to be in really good form to play those games.

SaH: Is Seattle home?

Montero It is. I don't want to say that it is my only home, because back in Colombia I have the rest of my family. It is always good to be happy. I'm happy in Seattle because everything has turned out so good. I enjoy my days in Seattle and hopefully I can play more years here.

SaH: Does that level of comfort help you play well?

Montero: As a professional player I always want to do my best. To be prepared for that, off the field I have to look for every single way to be healthy, to be hydrated and my wife and my family help me prepare for the games.

SaH: What does the fan support in and out of the stadium mean to you?

Montero: I'm glad to be part of this organization. I've been working more with the community this year as my English has improved. You always want to have that feeling with the fans and the team and know that the people will always support you every single game. Colombia it was different. The only thing they want is results. If you are doing bad in one season the people are not going to support. Here we have respect for the fans and we want to do our best. As a result of that people will always come for us.

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