Player Profile: Fredy Montero


The past season was a down year for Montero. It was still his third Sounder at Heart Offensive Player of the Year award and he was judged as the fourth most important player on the team by this community. That's a down year?

While most of the scuttle about Montero is about his pending (not really pending just still not quite final) loan to Millonarios let's took a look at how Fredy Montero played in 2012.

#4 - Fredy Montero (Nickname: Golden God)
National Affiliation Colombia Age 25
Years Pro 8 Years Sounder 4
Position Forward Role Trequartista
MLS (+Playoff) Stats
Apps Starts Mins G A PP90
37 32 2936 13 9 1.07
Non-League Stats
Apps Starts Mins G A PP90
8 7 634 4 4 1.70
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Team
Net Shot Rate Team
Net Duel Rate Team
64.1 6th 0.55 11th -1.91 19th

The last season eyes were on Fredy to finally "step up" because being the best goal scorer in all MLS related competitions in 2011 was not good enough for many in the national media. That level of expectation was on Montero because of his youth and his clearly strong skills. It was not the season that would make pundits happy, but it was still a good season. He is the only player to be in the top 10 in goals in each of the last four years.

Skills on offense: A wicked shot that can appear out of nowhere. He is capable of hitting from distance, in tight spaces, with his head or pretty much however would most surprise you at the moment. His deft footwork can open space to either shoot or pass. A creative passer that will use all dimensions to find a way to deliver a ball, OK, maybe no the fourth dimension. Struggles most with off-ball runs and prefers to get the ball in the space between the mids and defense. A very accurate shot on a direct free kick, he could also serve more set-pieces up, but his finishing usually means he is a target of the play.

Skills on defense: Montero has become a strong harrier. His tenacity at harassing defenders and keepers who take too long with the ball is an improvement. He now regularly tracks back and while not a ball winner, will win the ball.

Best Case in 2013: He has an incredible Copa Libertadores and league season with Millonarios sparking a bidding war with some clubs in major or mid-major leagues across Europe.

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