Player Profile #29: Sammy Ochoa


Sammy Ochoa leaves Sounders FC tied for 10th in competitive all competitions goals. He had some good moments as a Sounder, but his most memorable will be a shot he missed.

Sammy Ochoa started the season as Seattle Sounders FC's only back-up target forward. Over 2013 the tactics shifted and Ochoa wasn't scoring, so his release mid-season was not a surprise.

#29 Sammy Ochoa
Nat'l Affil USA Age 27
Years Pro 7 Years Sounder 3
Pos/Role Target Forward
MLS (+Playoff) Stats CCL/USOC Stats Reserve Stats
Apps 4 4 5
Starts 2 2 4
Mins 175 216 343
G 0 0 0
A 0 0 0
PP/90 -- -- --
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Net Shot Rate Net Duel Rate
Total N/A N/A N/A
Team Rank -- -- --

#29 Sammy Ochoa

Acquired through Allocation Order/Ranking Ochoa cost the team a 3rd round pick. His couple of years with Seattle were marked by a large frame, a clear role and one of the most beautiful misses ever.

Offense: Ochoa has fairly soft feet, receiving passes well in heavy traffic. For a large body he is not a major threat on set-pieces and not the best for crosses. This may be a case of a player type-cast by body type and not soccer skills. Passing in tight places fairly strong. Middle and long range passes are wasteful. Not a great shot taker for a forward. Able to score goals in poached situations are quick interchanges.

Defense: Ochoa occasionally pesters backlines, but is not a ball winner. Can be dribbled past by many MLS defenders. Good on dead balls to defend a tertiary target or clog a running lane.

Physique: One of the slower Sounders the overweight critique was fair in his early days in Seattle, but not in 2013. He is not very agile.

Best Case 2014: He uses his time with CF LOBOS DE LA BUAP to show that he's a better ball-control forward than target man while scoring a couple goals. Sammy has fringe level MLS talent, and playing with Cuauhtémoc Blanco can only help that improve. Sammy still tweets his love for the Sounders.

* advanced stats will be listed for players meeting a minimum amount of minutes played. Thanks to sidereal for the assist on formatting and data collection.

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