Player Profile #14: Zach Scott

Zach wants you to get that ball for him - Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The era of Zach Scott: Man Marker may be over, but that does not mean his usefulness to the club is done. There are some things that point to a fade from his glory season (which was just last year).

Remember last year when Zach Scott had his best pro season? Yeah, just last year. He's starting to fade, but not much as he was 13th then and is 14th now.

#14 Zach Scott
Nat'l Affil USA Age 33
Years Pro 12 Years Sounder 12
Pos/Role Right/Center Back
MLS (+Playoff) Stats CCL/USOC Stats Reserve Stats
Apps 23 4 6
Starts 17 4 6
Mins 1522 360 484
G 0 0 0
A 0 0 0
PP/90 -- -- --
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Net Shot Rate Net Duel Rate
Total 51% -1.27 0.68
Team Rank 20th 20th 8th

#14 Zach Scott

If you want an all-effort, wall-demolishing team there is no Seattle Sounder past or present who embodies that more than ZS:MM. His toughness and love of crest (all versions) can not be questioned.

Offense: Scott is more a flat back when wide. He's a conservative passer, though still capable of a great pass at times. When central plays long balls more than most would prefer. One of the better set-piece targets on the squad and is often targeted to head the ball on goal.

Defense: Zach's lost enough speed that he can't keep up with fast MLS attackers any more. Often fouls in those circumstances, too often a card. With creative players he can still stop them. Uses his body well in defense. Plays positional defense well. Now clearly better centrally than out wide. While many coaches think they can attack the shorter Scott on dead balls this is a failure on the opposing coach, not Scott. He is both a leaper and stout.

Physique: Great motor. Not quick, but when he gets up to speed you can't stop him. Excellent jumper who does not just offer height, but also can get space. Broad shouldered and built for physical league like MLS.

Best Case 2014: Scott can be a 4th CB, 3rd RB and 3rd LB on a Cup contender. Depending on the roster he may be forced higher roles outside and lower in the middle, but his non-league matches should be successful regardless.


Thank you Zach Scott for dangerous crosses.

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