Major Link Soccer: Beckham to Paris, Abuse of Altidore

Neither player is with their pictured team, and both are closer to "home" now. - Eric Bolte-US PRESSWIRE

Plus, the Eddie Johnson trade from Montreal's perspective

Lamar Neagle is back in Seattle, and while that has been covered from the Sounders' perspective here, Montreal's view has not. It is correctly pointed out that all they have left from the original trade that sent Eddie Johnson to Seattle are a pair of international slots (one from Portland, one from Seattle). Tough deal for a guy with 14 league goals last season. Additionally, USsoccerplayers questions Seattle's CB depth.

David Beckham's next stop is settled. From Manchester to Madrid to Los Angeles, he may be making his final stop in Paris. Completing his transformation from a flesh-and-blood person into a clothing line in human form. Is there still time for him to open a branch in Tokyo? The cool thing about his new deal is that the full amount of his salary is going to charity, so while he is far from at risk of hitting the poor house (his endorsements would have been a multiple of his salary anyway) it is a wonderful gesture. One player that didn't transfer was Kris Boyd, looking to be sure he gets the money owed him by "MLS".

Yesterday was transfer deadline day in Europe (or Romania or something. I don't understand UEFA rules) and that means lots of crazy stuff went down. That includes MLS moves, which were covered the other day in a separate Sounder at Heart article. So if you still need to catch up on the craziness, you know where to go. Those little underlined bits in this paragraph. Is where you want to go. Speaking of UEFA, there are some serious discussions going on about switching Europe's schedule to the summer.

According to one study, MLS trails behind NASCAR and Figure Skating in the hearts of the Seattle sports faithful. Anecdotal note: Mom is CRAZY about the figure skating. She flies halfway across the country to catch the big tournaments, with the triple lutz (lutzes? Lutzi? Lutzioso?) and double sow-cows. I'll never forget just how much she enjoyed "Blades of Glory" a few years ago. Even more than I enjoyed "Shaolin Soccer". I got a little sidetracked, but I find the above linked study a little dubious; I imagine the number of "interested" fans, when added to those "very interested", would probably paint a more conventional picture.

If the Neatherlands had a bad reputation for racism, I hadn't heard about it. But it sounds like they gave Jozy Altidore about as much as he could stand. Altidore dealt with it well, but it is a shame that this sort of thing still happens. I said it the last time a racism topic came up on here, and I'm going to say it again every time it happens in the future. Because until it changes, our reaction to it shouldn't.

Colorado is having some tough injury luck. First it was Edson Buddle, and now Martin Rivero may miss two+ months of the season.

The Canadian Soccer Association is cutting ties with the CSL after the match-fixing scandal from last year. And, a history of a developing North American rivalry.

More new technology: sensors can measure pretty much every aspect of an athlete's performance. It is only a matter of time before our Olympic athletes are replaced by robots and computer simulations. Goals like this will be the result of a dice roll.

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