Major Link Soccer: Colbert, Alonso's Defection, Goal-Line Technology

Norm Hall

And there's a lot of league talk on the Shalrie Joseph acquisition.

Shalrie Joseph's acquisition is equal to that of Eddie Johnson last year in terms of the talk it has sparked. Everyone is weighing on on a team acquiring an MLS legend at a position where they already have perhaps the best in the league. Fueling the fire is the sheer amount of uncertainty surrounding Joseph's role with the team and the cost of keeping him around.

This is perhaps the most in-depth account of Osvaldo Alonso's defection from Cuba. Certainly the most moving. The Miami Herald (perhaps the leading source of news for Cuban Americans) transcribes their interview/story in harrowing detail.

James Riley, to say the least, was surprised to leave Chivas last week. Riley, better known as my favorite former Sounder (yes, that was typed correctly) talks about a "handshake deal" with the LA club.

David Estrada is one of a few players on the club competing for the second striker position in Sigi's typical 4-4-2 formation. His speed and work rate could create an interesting dynamic with a guy like Eddie Johnson.

Meet Sounders supplemental pick Kevin Durr, soon to graduate from Air Force Academy. Few college experiences would prepare a player better for the physicality of MLS.

Goal-line technology is good enough for the World Cup, but not good enough for MLS, yet.

Alexi Lalas took to the airwaves with noted soccer nay-sayer and cable lord Stephen Colbert.

More expansion talk sparking in Orlando.

Read more about Colorado's new supporters conglomerate, Centennial 38.

Fighting soccer corruption is going to become a bigger issue in the near future. See how China is dealing with it.

I don't see Seattle (or MLS for that matter) in this Football MishMash, but maybe you can.

Klinsmann wants Argentian Americans on the USMNT.

Jeff Bradley has an article about his experiences with Landon Donovan, and the history of said player.

DC United is dreaming about the future of their new, Capital home. They aren't the only ones looking at the MLS stadium situation, as LAGConfidential does an expose on multipurpose buildings (including our own Centurylink).

I wouldn't wish the "privilege" to spend 10 bucks on a beer at a soccer match upon any footy fan, but there are some spectators on the other side of the pond who look at our freedom with pouting eyes, green with envy. They can have mine; there are better things to spend that 200 dollars per year on (and that would be one medium-sized beer per match!). That said, for anyone with the desire to buy, I'm at section 128 row V (this is a joke; I've got to drive home after every match).

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