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Sounders v Timbers Cascadia Cup Round One - Stupid Draw

From prematch build up, to your second screen, to the post match victory a one stop shop for all things Seattle Sounders v Portland Timbers.

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Tactics Analyst: Errors, rust lead to boring tie

The Portland Timbers stole a point late from Seattle Sounders FC, tying 1-1 on Saturday. It was a fair result given the play, which Sounders FC saw the better of early, and Portland did the same later on.


Sounders-Timbers: Highlights, stats, quotes

Here's a more data oriented look at the Sounders' frustrating draw.


Photos from Sounders-Timbers

Relive the revelry and disappointment that was the Sounders' 1-1 draw with the Timbers in the first Cascadia Cup match of 2013.


Sounders fall to Timbers 1-1

After controlling the first couple dozen minutes of the match the Seattle Sounders manage only a draw against Portland in the first match of the 2013 Cascadia Cup.


Sounders v Timbers Cascadia Cup Rd 1 - Gamethread

Writers here are watching from the stands, the pressbox and from home. Watch the final Saturday match of Rivalry Week with us.


Know Your History 2013 with Graphic

For many of us it is easy to forget the eras prior to MLS. But the soccer history we have here in Cascadia is part of why this Cascadia Cup thing is special and will remain special. It is why the Supporters Groups are fighting to maintain the trademark.

It is also full of success for the Seattle Sounders. How much success depends on how you count the numbers. For the front office of Seattle they include even contests that do not include a league that existed between the NASL and the A-League and provide the following records of the contest;

All-Time Series Record

Year League Record

1975-82 NASL Sounders 13 wins; Timbers 8 wins

1985-90 WSL FC Seattle 5 wins; FC Portland/Timbers 6 wins; 2 draws

2001-08 USL-1 Sounders 20 wins; Timbers 13 wins; 5 draws

2009-10 U.S. Open Cup Sounders FC 1 win; Timbers 0 wins; 1 draw

2011-12 MLS Sounders FC 2 wins; Timbers 1 win; 2 draws

Totals: 79 matches played; Seattle 41 wins; Portland 28 wins; 10 draws

Now there is evidence that there was another FC Seattle win just prior to the WSL era when the two teams played, but did not play in a recognized league.

There are of course other ways to count the history, and Likkit provides a fact sheet for the NASL-ALeague/USL-MLS eras of the three cities' soccer clubs.



Scouting Report: Putting One Finger on the Cup

The season is young yet, but the signs are that Portland will be a more dangerous team than they were last year. Are they dangerous enough to threaten the Seattle Sounders in their own den?


Sounders FC Cascadia Cup Hype Video doesn't produce hype videos often, but when they do they work. Thanks Joe the Fann


Andy Rose early play prepares him to limit PDX

Andy Rose indicates that the performance against Tigres should help prepare the Sounders to shut down Portland and put "on a show in front of our fans."


Rivalry beyond soccer, but mainly soccer

This rivalry between Portland and Seattle stretches to many things - Sounders/Timbers, Sonics/Blazers, Ducks/Huskies (Cougs/Beavs a bit too) beer, music, mass transit, whatever. But in American soccer it is the predominant rivalry, not just a rivalry.


Sounders v Timbers Cascadia Cup Rd 1 - 3 Questions

First off, we go four questions. It's Cascadia, everything is a just a bit bigger. There is also a reverse and lineup guessing.

Continue's TIFO Showdown Video

#RivalryWeek is underway as the league looks to draw national attention by featuring rivals old, new and renewed.

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