Sigi Schmid scouts UANL Tigres

Nearly a year ago Seattle started off well enough in Mexico - Hans Maximo Musielik

During Monday's conference call with Seattle based reporters Seattle Sounders FC Coach Sigi Schmid gave his assessment of UANL Tigres major injury concern, their hot form and how their shape differs from Montreal's formation.

UANL Tigres is in fine form ahead of the Wednesday night 2012-13 CONCACAF Champoins League match, but have a recent injury to their leading scorer and have not used a wide variety of lineups according to Seattle Sounders FC Coach Sigi Schmid. "Missing Villa hurts them, but there are so many pieces that understand each other that it's probably not as difficult for them to just replace that one piece," Schmid said during a conference call today of the eight goal scorer.

Tigres' lineup most significant change since their spring season started is the insertion of Jose Fransisco Torres as one of their two deep midfielders. That lack of change and injury helped the Liga MX side to a league best record at 21 points in 9 played with a +12 goal differential.

Sigi Schmid outlined all the possible options a coach could take with said hot start and an international competition midweek, but in the end would not guess which way they would go, "I don't really know what the inner workings are with their team what the importance is in regards to their own goals as a group, but certainly their league form is something that is going to help them in this competition because they are very confident right now."

Seattle just faced a 4-2-3-1, but Sigi said that the Sounders do not have trouble with that formation, nor can they learn too much from what Montreal did in their variant of that formation.

"Not every 4-2-3-1 is the same. Everything is different. When you look at Tigres they attack with their left back, their right back stays a little more. Their left winger is very quick, dribble very attack minded winger who cuts inside. The guy on the right is more of an up-and-down stay at home type of winger. So the balance is different.

Our execution needed to be better at key moments [against Montreal]. It's the same thing going into Tigres. It's not the formation that is going to be the problem. We have to be aware of the formation. We've got to tactically have the right approach but at the end of the day we have to execute and gotta work."

Schmid is going to hammer home the point that Sounders FC can not fall behind in leg one as they have too often in MLS two-leg play. They will need a focus and composure as if they are in midseason form.

  • Injury update: Traore and Estrada traveled and could be ready. Joseph stayed in Seattle.

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