Sounders Donate Point To New England - Costs Them Twice That Value

Otto Greule Jr

New England came with the goal to poach a single point. They managed to do so, despite dominance by Seattle.

In a result that can only be considered failure the Seattle Sounders drew the New England Revolution at home. The zero-zero result does not do the performance justice, nor does the single point in the table represent the match. Two months into the league play and Seattle can not manage a win despite the favorable schedule. More importantly in judging their chances at a Cup the squad has managed to show it should win, yet shows that it can not.

Sigi Schmid started no traditional forwards, but the potential 4-6-0 dominated many stats that are predictive in nature. They also created a buzz throughout the stadium. They also failed to score goals. Using a varied attack that reduced the influence of traditional crosses while increasing one-two play in many zones generated chances. As has happened too many times in 2013 chances all came for naught.

The largest opportunity to score may have been Steve Zakuani free himself onto goal when he used a cutback move to create space and force a dive to far post by the Revs' keeper. Zakuani would try to slot to the near post and Shuttlesworth would get his back leg onto the ball. Seattle also saw Rosales blow a redirect instead poking the ball into Occidental. Osvaldo Alonso and Lamar Neagle would also have opportunities unconverted.

One could think that the Seattle Sounders would win this match. They had an aggressive defensive structure. They dominated play. If this game is played ten times Seattle wins a vast majority. But in this reality they drew, at home, to a worse team. It is a kind of loss.

Three of eleven slots were filled by depth. It is a depth that should win this game. It is a depth that has yet to show itself in league play. It is a depth that is failing while succeeding.

The future shows so much promise, but every dropped point shows issues that must be corrected. Preseason is long gone. The CCL is over. This delayed training period must result in a rapid ascension in the table or 2013 rapidly gets pushed to the wayside.

The hot seat is not yet hot. Contracts are not on the line. Hope is. The idea that this organization is a perennial favorite must be reconsidered. LA, San Jose and Salt Lake rebuilt. One of those did so while competing in continental championships.


via Dude that watches Lost

Desmond didn't press the button. Press the damned button Seattle. We can not hope for a happy ending in a metaphorical heaven. Pleasure can happen now. Victory can happen now.

The edge of victory is not enough.

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