MLS Fantasy Manager: Mixed Decisions and a Two Game Week

When I talk about soccer with my family, I get polite nods and glazed stares. It is only fair since I am sure that is the same reaction I’ve given them for years when they’ve talked about baseball and football. Soccer is the only sport I follow and watching it has been a recent development (since the last world cup when I learned that Seattle had a team). So, this season I decided to try MLS Fantasy Manager. And, I want to talk to people about it, hence the fan post.

I haven’t done too badly in the S@H league. I've been tallying up points above the weekly average, but I am not sure if that is because the average is lowered by people who have basically stopped playing or because I’ve actually been making relatively decent decisions.

My week seven decisions were a mix of awesome and “even a stopped clock is right twice…” Take for example making Dax McCarty my captain. Twenty points in my pocket.

Or, my decision to sit George John. Son of a… I mean seriously, after being pulled early in week six (netting me all of 1 point) he has to go and score this week! Grumble...grumble...kick the dirt... I guess I can’t send a message by benching players like Sigi.

I did have a Johnson from Portland on the field. Yeah, not the one that scored.

Pushing aside the decisions of week seven, I arranged my team for week eight, barring any last minute injuries or benchings, I am good to go. It’s a two game week for New York and Kansas City (they play each other Wednesday, so square away your team tonight).

So what is your strategy? Are you loading up on Bulls and Sporks this week? I didn't intend to do this initially, but when shifting things around I ended up with three from New York and two from Kansas City. I didn’t go with Henry, too expensive. I did add Olave to my back four and brought in Brandon Barklage to replace Ricardo Clark. Formation-wise, I went with the 4-4-2. If George John doesn’t play then it will shift to a 3-4-3 as Ryan Johnson is my first sub.

Defenders, Midfielders, or Forwards? Where do you think the points are?

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