Major Link Soccer: Kasey Keller to Coach U-20s

Otto Greule Jr

Watch your butt Ross Fletcher; they're coming for you.

First, Kevin Callabro was "stolen away" by the afternoon radio. Then, Arlo White was taken by NBC Sports. Now, former Sounders goalkeeper Kasey Keller is hearing the siren call of the US Men's National Team as he joins DeAndre Yedlin and Jordan Morris on the way to the U-20 camp. No, Keller isn't Benjamin Button reincarnate, though he sometimes played like it. He is joining the team to do a bit of coaching.

And before you say, "Eric, Keller will be back in time for the Sounders' next match", Arlo said he'd still be covering Sounders games too, and NOW HE'S GOING BACK TO EUROPE! You ripped my heart out Mr. White. RIPPED IT OUT and LOITERED ALL OVER IT. WITH INTENT.

IS MLS the seventh-best league in the world? Maybe not in terms of pure quality. BUT, adding together all of the different factors... well, I could entertain the argument.

The Sounders have been questioned over the last four years for pursuing the Open Cup and Champions League, potentially to the detriment of league success. Now, Vancouver gets to experience that same angst (though on a smaller scale) as Maple Leaf Forever recommends going after their Voyageurs Cup.

Local boy Doug Herrick was drafted by the Portland Timbers last year, but luckily he avoided getting sucked in down there, and is now an MLS pool keeper.

I may be the most vocal critic of the Sounders' current crossing woes that there is, but who would have thought that something athletes get paid millions of dollars to perform isn't as easy as it looks? did.

Mr. Dave Clark is a busy guy. between writing for this site, going to games, watching games, and reading pretty much all of the internet, he has already qualified for a "superpower licence". And yet AND YET. He still takes time out to go on podcasts. As I am also one of so little free time, I have not yet heard the content, so I cannot verify the quality. But let's be real here. It's Dave. I'm sure he rocked it. RIght Dave? Dave?

Kevin Davies is joining Toronto, and potentially really could be the difference maker that pushes the team over the top.

Finally, imagine Keller's reaction showing up to U-20 camp and finding that his goal posts had been paved over? Bet he'd regret leaving us. I MISS YOU KASEY! I MISS YOU ARLO! I MISS YOU KEVIN!

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