Major Link Soccer: Sonics Fall Through, "No Means No"

May the Fourth Be With You gets an RSL treatment -

Seattle failed to do to Sacramento what Oklahoma City did to Seattle.

If one were to rank the commissioners of each major men's sports league on how they feel about Seattle, it'd look a little bit like this:
Don Garber--Roger Goodell--Gary Bettman-------Bud Selig---------------------------------------------------David Stern

After the last two months of NBA relocation drama, Stern's opposition to Seattle's basketball community is now well established. It doesn't take a huge leap of logic to surmise that the support he has given Sacramento would have easily kept the Supersonics in Seattle back in 2008. An unparalleled ownership group, an excellent arena deal, a proven fanbase, and a top television market, all turned away.

But some voices around MLS feel that perhaps it is for the best from a league standpoint. Would the Sounders be able to keep up their incredible attendance record with more than the (cough) Mariners, and the eight game Seahawks to compete with? My opinion throughout has been an unqualified yes, but it's certainly a question open to debate. Many have contended that there is little overlap in the Seattle sports community between the Sounders and their current and former competitiors.

You may have seen Chris Henderson (as well as former Timbers coach John Spencer) on the field during halftime of the Sounders' victory over the Colorado Rapids last Saturday. He was there to be re-inducted into the Rapids Ring of Honor, after the old signage for the Ring was replaced.

I wasn't going to discuss the arrest of a Portland Timbers player, questioned on sexual assault. But then this terrific article from The Goat Parade came out on the subject. We all remember Portland's treatment of Fredy Montero after his own run-in with the law back in 2009 (which Mr. Oshan supplied a link to here). So first of all, we don't have any actual information about what happened, or even who is involved. Secondly, it isn't a matter to taunt about. So let's stay away from the "No Means No" chants. It should be an easy thing, but you can consider it "being classier" than Portland if that's what it takes for you to avoid it.

Financials are a tough thing to get out of MLS these days, but The Shin Guardian has done its best to value the clubs. By their calculations, the Sounders are second only to the LA Galaxy, though I do have some interest in the numbers used. Speaking of the Galaxy, their third string keeper had quite the outing against Salt Lake over the weekend.

Bakary Soumare is trying hard to get out of Philadelphia, where he has lost his starting job to Jeff Parke. The Chicago Fire could use a little defense, having given up a league-high 14 goals in the 2013 campaign. Soumare started his career with the Fire. Match made in heaven, right? Well, possibly, but the Union are playing some hard ball.

Recent talk is that the 20th team will be a Queens club owned by Manchester City luminary Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Problem is, it seems that their goals don't line up with those of the league. Instead of competing to be a top league in the next 10-20 years, it appears they'd rather use the new team as a farm system for the EPL club.

The grass-turf debate has reared it's ugly, freshly-mowed head again thanks to Abby Wambach's comments concerning the location of the 2015 World Cup Final. It's commonly felt that the Pacific Northwest is a less-than ideal location for grass fields with multiple tenants (particularly American Football), but this blog argues that grass is more resiliant than many think.

Real Salt Lake is the latest team to host a Star Wars day at the ballpark, and they'll even have their own customized Boba Fett. That's all well and good, but just wait until the Sounders have a Lord of the Rings day. No chainsaw will be able to match STING.

With Robbie Rogers coming back, it is interesting indeed that an NBA player is being credited as the first male athlete in American pro sports to come out of the closet.

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