Marcus Hahnemann isn't exactly backing down and Doug Herrick is filling in


The Sounders backup goalkeeper admitted to dropping a few f-bombs, but still doesn't feel as though he should have been tossed from the Sporting KC match.

Marcus Hahnemann has only played in a couple games that count since fulfilling a professional dream by playing for the Seattle Sounders. Considering his rather illustrious career, you can understand how that might be a little frustrating.

You can also understand why he's still a little peeved that he won't even be available off the bench for the Sounders' next game against the San Jose Earthquakes. Hahnemann will, of course, be serving his one-game suspension after being ejected from Wednesday's game for cussing at the fourth official.

On the off chance you missed it, the play that got Hahnemann's ire was a deep throw into the Sporting Kansas City goal box. Brad Evans was unable to get his head on the throw and it unexpectedly bounced in front of KC defender Ike Opara. The ball clearly hit him in the arm just feet in front of the goal.

Hahnemann wasn't exactly apologetic when the Seattle Times and Tacoma News Tribune talked to him today.

"If that's the precedent they're going to set, who's going to be left? We're not going to have any fans at our games, because they're all going to be thrown out, as well. So I don't know. I don't what he thought he heard. I didn't call his mother anything or anything like that. It was nothing even good, you know what I mean?"

Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid, perhaps mindful of incurring a fine, was far more diplomatic.

"It's not a good thing," he said. "We all get frustrated sitting on the bench. Sometimes we have to just hold our tongue. We can't let it get to a point where we get ejected because we could have put ourselves in a difficult situation if something had happened to Michael [Gspurning]. We're not pleased with it. Marcus is a veteran guy. He knows. He's disappoitned in himself but it looked like a handball for anyone that saw it."

Doug Herrick will be the backup in Saturday's game. Herrick is a pool keeper, but has been training with the Sounders since last season.

He's certainly a better option than some of the others that were apparently considered.

"One of the guys Tommy [Dutra] mentioned was Patrick Ianni," Schmid said. "But I said he had the shortest arms on the team, so he's not a good option. It would be like putting T-Rex in goal. We thought about [Zach] Scott. Brad Evans immediately volunteered once he heard that discussion. There were a few other guys we considered, [Mauro] Rosales would have been a bit short."


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