Sounders v San Jose Earthquakes - Gamethread

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts" - USA TODAY Sports

A Saturday afternoon game between two of the NASL loyalists in the league pits last year's Supporters' Shield winner against a team that redefined MLS expansion. There is just one problem with that narrative - neither team is very good this year.

You ever just get sick and tired of an opponent? Stupid overly physical crap on and off the field, throw in some biased announcers, a match where the home team failed to broadcast and a guy who can score several dozen goals in league play but not a lick for the national team so why should we tolerate him?

Yep, that's right, it's the San Jose Earthquakes coming back to Seattle!

The Scouting Report is pretty terrific so let's take it a step further.

Wondo may be a ghost, but that doesn't mean you need to fear him. He's just a dude that pops up in odd places. Communicate and all will be good. Lenhart is goofy. He's probably not going to play, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with that stuff. He's an insect. Play the game of soccer and let the shenanigans go. There will be opportunities. When they are there get all Djimi and take them. You are gods. You understand. So do we. Answer in the affirmative. Just don't lose. They are a team named after a natural disaster not nature's beauty.

The player v player matchups are goofy because both teams are injury riddled and on short rest. This is my best shot. Deal with it. Then review the paragraph above and figure out how I used the Ghostbusters for inspiration.

TV: KONG 6/16/106 (Fletcher/Keller)
Radio: KIRO 97.3 (Fletcher/Keller)
Spanish TV: Univision Deportes
Spanish Radio: La Gran D 99.3 FM (Aleman/Hernandez)

REFEREE: Jair Marrufo - MLS Career: 149 games; FC/gm: 24.1; Y/gm: 3.0; R: 32; pens: 44
AR1 (bench): Frank Anderson; AR2 (opposite): Jonathan Johnson; 4th: Jesus Cisneros


SUSPENDED: SEA: Marcus Hahnemann (through May 12)

Tactical Keys

  • I ain't afraid of no Ghosts
  • Someone saw a cockroach up on twelve
  • If someone asks if you are a god, you say, "yes!"
  • Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes

Player Matchups

How We're Watching
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Where I'm Watching: Sounders App - Audio Only - Maui

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