MLS Gamethread: Week 11

No, ref, come back! It's not what it looks like! - John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

MLS is on a free trial weekend, so you can watch any of these games over the next two days.

5/11 10:30am-NBCSN
Chicago Fire-Philadelphia Union
The Fire are 2013's attendance disappointment, though there's plenty of time this year for the weather to heat up and get things together at the box office. Of these two teams though, only the Union currently know how to score goals.
Prediction: Union
Result: Union

5/11 11:00am
Montreal Impact-Real Salt Lake
Salt Lake's current second-place standing is a bit of a misnomer, with more games played than all but a handful of other teams. In fact, Montreal has the same 17 points in two fewer games. Then there is the wicked cross-country travel and Marco Di Vaio's success in Montreal. Montreal has a decided advantage.
Prediction: Impact
Result: Impact

5/11 4:00pm
Vancouver Whitecaps-LA Galaxy
You know how the Sounders kind of have a thing when they play KC? Well, LA's hold on BC's team is far more severe. The "stars" of the Hollywood derby have won their 6 league matches by a combined 16-3. A Vancouver win today would be a first. Combine that with the location of the two teams on the standings, and LA may be a stone cold lock this week. Which means Vancouver will probably win in a blowout.
Prediction: Galaxy
Result: Whitecaps

5/11 4:30pm
Columbus Crew-Colorado Rapids
The Crew may be my east-coast crush, but the two teams are tied on points (Columbus has a game in hand) so to see the Crew favored across the board is a surprise to me.
Prediction: Draw
Result: Rapids

5/11 4:30pm
New England Revolution-New York Red Bulls
When Thierry Henry is hot, he's unstoppable. However, that doesn't matter much if he's not playing, and the Revolution are among the four teams in MLS that play on turf. Dax McCarty returns to try to offset the losses of Henry, Juninho, and Jamison Olave. Will they handle the Revolution and new young striker Juan Agudelo?
Prediction: Draw
Result: Draw

5/11 5:30pm
FC Dallas-DC United
It's going to be a pleasant 81 degrees in Dallas today, though it will probably feel like the surface of the sun after running a few miles in less than an hour. Dallas' most recent results were draws against the other Cascadia teams, but they're still the leader of the table up against the club bringing up the rear. Anything but a win would be a shock.
Prediction: Burn
Result: Burn

5/12 2:00pm
Portland Timbers-Chivas USA
Chivas' strong start has sputtered out, and now they have to travel to Oregon and face a club that hasn't lost in eight matches. Of course, that record includes six ties.
Prediction: Draw

5/12 5:00pm (Game of the Week)
Houston Dynamo-Sporting KC
Houston's home turf seems impenetrable, but if anyone will break in it will be Kansas City. The Sporks will be extra motivated after their late loss to Seattle, and are currently sitting right behind the Dynamo on the table. And yet, like I've been saying all year, predicting a Houston loss is like predicting Benedict Cumberbatch to stop being a badass. It has to happen sometime, but chances are it won't be today, or tomorrow, or in the next week.
Prediction: Houston

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