Major Link Soccer: Incoming Forlan, Outgoing Seattle Players

The face of fear. - Claudio Villa

Macklemore isn't the only local talent making waves

Diego Forlan is the newest rumored international star rumored to be on the verge of a move to the USA (or Canada, I guess). This isn't the first time he and the league have done this dance, and the result may yet not change. But during DC United's 1-1 tie with Sporting KC, at least one sign was spotted begging to bring the free agent to MLS' most storied franchise.

Speaking of that game... do you all remember that play in the Champions League where there was a man clearly offside near the guy that put away a goal against us? Well that was way worse and more blatant than the version that was called in the United-Sporting game. recently took a look at the Seattle area players that have made it big in MLS over the last five years, and that list of course includes some pretty notable names. One unfortunately missed out on a homecoming this past weekend due to injury. Perhaps George John's presence would have helped stifle the 4-2 outcome (as told by BigDSoccer).

The Sounders, Seahawks, and the State of Washington have officially announced specialized licence plates "saluting the fans" of the Seahawks and Sounders FC. They'll become available in 2014. I just regret that I probably won't be able to have both on one car.

US Soccer is tired of their sleazy, underhanded Open Cup hosting draws getting headlines and bad publicity, so they have released some propaganda through one of their favored franchises, the Chicago Fire. Or it could all be legit. One of those two things is probably true. Maybe not though. Maybe this is how Chicago will be sold to players.

Soccer Wire talks to NWSL Executive Cheryl Bailey after a visit to a Seattle Reign game to talk about the future of the league, specifically online.

Chivas USA and its big brother were expected to be sold late last week, but it hasn't happened yet. Any day now though?

Want to see a keeper take an attacking-oriented free kick early in a close MLS match? Okay, here's Dan Kennedy. Want to see a 7 eat a 9? Sorry, can't help you.

I leave you with a video taken from the point of view of an MLS referee. It consists of red targets painted on the backs of the home team and a mask of Roger Levesque's face on Stephen Lenhart's head. In other words, it explains everything.

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