Major Link Soccer: NYCFC Info, FIFA 14, Dallas Red

Coming to a Big Apple near you - Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The next generation of sports has arrived. It... doesn't look that much different from the old generation.

Microsoft held an event in Redmond revealing their new gaming console, the Xbox One. While much of the content is being withheld for the E3 trade show later this year, they did take the time to show off next year's EA sports games, including FIFA. It's hard to tell whether or not the visuals presented are pre rendered, or if there are any other improvements to the yearly franchise. The new machine may also have an impact on next year's sponsorship deal with the Sounders.
(Drew Carey and a framed picture of Centurylink Field during a Sounders match were in the unveiling video. The fact I noticed indicates that I have a problem. Anyone willing to run an intervention?)

Lamar Neagle and Eddie Johnson made it into the team of the week yet again, the second week in a row for Neagle.

I understand you ordered a NYCFC wall of links. No? Well I have to deliver these somewhere or I don't get paid. Can't you just click on them? Great.
It wasn't that long ago that Commissioner Don Garber was convinced that their planned Queens site would work out. Now, the league is leaving itself with some options. Wherever the permanent home may be, the team will need a temporary home for a few years. Yankee Stadium seems to be a favored location (though MLS doesn't have a great track record with baseball stadiums). Speaking of the Yankees, speculation has the new team's look blending the colors of Manchester City with the ugly terrible no good iconic pinstripes of the baseball team. It was apparently worth an article to debunk the rumor that David Beckham may be involved with NY2. Now that NY is settled, it appears that the three biggest competitors to get into the MLS game are all in the southeast. Finally, are you a City or Yankees fan who knows nothing about MLS? This article will do a... job... of introducing you.

The third round of the Open Cup is set. MLSsoccer has all the matchups laid out for the "MLS Round". By the time the third round starts, there really should be a bracket.

One team actually has a stadium deal figured out. San Jose has a webcam up of their coming Earthquakes Stadium, set to open in time for the 2014 season. Groundbreaking.

BigDSoccer takes a look at the red card in Saturday's match and asks whether or not it was a worthy call. The debate rages on in the comments.

University of Washington commit and California local Cristian Roldan was named the top high school soccer player in the country by Gatorade. He was in a commercial when he was nine years old. What have you done with your life?

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