MLS Gamethread: Week 14

One of the warmest spots in MLS versus one of the coolest - USA TODAY Sports

It's a tough week. Unlike the last few, these aren't easy predictions to make. I mean, some of them are (see below) but you've generally got good teams versus good teams, bad teams with bad teams. I'm not seeing a 50% accuracy this week.

Toronto FC-Philadelphia Union (TSN)
Chivas USA is bad, but the East has three clubs with poorer records. Toronto FC is the middle child of those three, which also include United and the Fire. Their one win this season doesn't inspire a ton of confidence, especially against one of the clubs currently occupying a playoff spot.
Prediction: Philadelphia.
Result: Draw

New York Red Bulls-Vancouver Whitecaps (Game of the Week)
The Red Bulls are media darlings right now, and for good reason: they're scoring goals, at the top of the east, and they have a brand new sibling on its way in a few months. However, their point total isn't as impressive as it seems, thanks to a league-leading 15 games played. They are nearly halfway through their season, where many teams (including the Whitecaps) aren't even a third of the way. The Whitecaps defense hasn't been quite as stout without Jay DeMerit anchoring the back line, but look for them to keep things cool in Harrison.
Prediction: Draw
Result: Whitecaps

Columbus Crew-Houston Dynamo
If Houston still wants to make something of this season, they're going to need to hop back onto the wagon after this three game winless streak. Problem is, Columbus is a good team.
Prediction: Crew
Result: Draw

Sporting KC-Montreal Impact
Sporting Park is a tough place to visit, but Montreal has a better points total in three fewer matches. Marco Di Vaio is just unstoppable right now. They'll be rooting with French in the midwest this weekend.
Prediction: Impact
Result: Draw

Colorado Rapids-FC Dallas
In the latest contest of the 287-70 Highway/Freeway rivalry, two playoff contenders face off in the Rockies. Dallas is still in the drivers seat for the Supporter's Shield, but Colorado is getting hot at a good time and is ready to compete, thanks to their division-best defense.
Prediction: Dallas
Result: Draw

Real Salt Lake-San Jose Earthquakes
According to the United States Geological Survey, there hasn't been a significant earthquake recorded in Utah since the late '70s. Certainly nothing significant enough to displace the waters of the REAL Salt Lake. Utah's team hasn't been itself this year, but they're good enough to put away a floundering Earthquakes. You think this season has been weird for the Sounders? Talk to a 'Quakes fan.
Prediction: Salt Lake
Result: Salt Lake

New England Revolution-LA Galaxy (NBCSN)
I'm predicting a Galaxy loss, not because of any insider information (though the Galaxy record on the far coast hasn't been great) but purely out of spite. It has been a long week, and I'm feeling vindictive. I'm blaming them for the Open Cup loss, for the recent meteor close call, and for polio.
Prediction: New England

Chicago Fire-DC United (UniMas)
Remember how I was talking about the terrible teams in the bottom of the East? They're bad enough to get on (sort of) national television. Come one, come all! See the great train wreck unfold on UniMas! Whereas United is a talented team not putting everything together, the Fire are just... just bland. Like the opposite of fire. The Fire are like pudding. And not some pudding from some famous chef with all sorts of pop and sizzle and "BAM". They are vanilla pudding in a box.
Prediction: United

Last week: 4-4

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