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Sounders at Real Salt Lake - Saltair and Swansea

Seattle travels to the high elevation of Rio Tinto Stadium to face the strongest possession team in MLS. The 6:30 PM match Saturday night (KONG 6/16) pits the #2 team in the West (RSL w/ 27 points in 16 games) against travelers Seattle who are 3-1-1 on the road since their loss in Utah.

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6-pass buildup to 2nd goal was a thing of beauty

The build up on Lamar Neagle's goal was about as good as any you'll see in MLS this season.


Sounders vs. RSL: Highlights, quotes, photos

Sounders move into the Supporters' Shield lead after beating RSL.


Comparing #10s - Rosales v Morales

Playmaking does not have to happen from the middle, but it does need to happen. One of the issues the Sounders had against Real Salt Lake was not getting Mauro Rosales enough touches.


RSL vs. Sounders: Highlights, stats, quotes

The Sounders are now 0-3 against RSL and the LA Galaxy after being out shot 17-2 in Saturday's 2-0 loss.


A game happened - Seattle outplayed again

It was neither pretty, nor planned well and it sucks. It's the third awful game of the year and that's a problem.


Sounders at Real Salt Lake - Gamethread

A 6:30 PM match on KONG 6/16 will once again test the Sounders ability to play without Osvaldo Alonso. It also happens to be against one of the better teams in the West.


Real Salt Lake Scouting Report: Settling the Score

Don't let the final scoreline deceive you. Seattle got trounced (and embarrassed) in their first trip to Sandy this season. To get a different result this time they'll have to hold the midfield and punish a patchwork defense.


Sounders at Real Salt Lake - Three Questions

The 6:30 PM Saturday night match between two rivals is a reminder of just how tight the West is from 2009 to the present.


Saltair and Swansea

When Seattle Sounders FC travels to face Real Salt Lake the two biggest challenges are summed up in those two words - Saltair and Swansea.

Saltair is the name of a resort on the Great Salt Lake, but also a reminder of the elevation there (`4300 feet). The air is dry and while it shouldn't be as hot (forecast for 80 and dry) as it was for the USA-Honduras match, the conditions there are rough. Players will tire out, subs will be needed and while burst speed will be stable long runs are a bit less effective.

Take those conditions and one of the best possession teams in the world (EPL twin is Swansea and Big 5 is Inter Milan). Not only do the conditions from location tire a visitor out, so do the tactics of the squad. They force opponents to chase the ball through their short passing while in the attack.

There are weaknesses, but this is a trip against the fourth best home team in the league this year and historically one of the best at home.


Sounders face big lineup questions vs. RSL

After Brad Evans, Eddie Johnson and Mario Martinez all played significant minutes in Tuesday's World Cup qualifier, the lineup decisions are even more complicated.

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