Enough is enough, it's probably time to start casting votes for Sounders All-Stars

How can you not want to see him on more national TV? - USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the MLS All-Star game is pretty silly, but if we really support the players this is a good way to do it.

Look, I get it: The MLS All-Star game is silly. It's a friendly with arguably less on the line than any other friendly, as the MLS representative isn't even a real team. It's a pointless competition that's main purpose is to draw eyeballs to the TV. There are surely plenty of good reasons to simply get rid of it. I even explained a few of them in my post about the voting last week.

But here's the thing: I'm not so sure all those reasons justify Seattle Sounders' fans seeming ambivalence to voting. I've heard all the reasons, from risking possible injury to some sort of virtual protest, and I've come around to believing that they are as silly as the game itself.

The reality is that the players at least want to be named to the team. Every player I talked to would rather make the team than not, if for no other reason than it feels good to be recognized for a job well done (as well as a bit of a pay bump). The coaches said they are happy to release their players for something like this, as it is just a few days once a year. I don't think there are players losing sleep over the lack of support, but I can at least understand why they might look at the voting results and scratch their heads a bit.

Here we are, probably the biggest fanbase in the country, and we can't get even one player into the top 5 of voting at any position? Look at this table of results as of Monday:

Top 5 Goalkeepers

Top 7 Defenders

Top 7 Midfielders

Top 7 Forwards

1. Luis Robles (NY)

1. Victor Bernardez (SJ)

1. Brad Davis (HOU)

1. Chris Wondolowski (SJ)

2. Jimmy Nielsen (SKC)

2. Matt Besler (SKC)

2. Graham Zusi (SKC)

2. Thierry Henry (NY)

3. Raul Fernandez (DAL)

3. Omar Gonzalez (LA)

3. Sam Cronin (SJ)

3. Robbie Keane (LA)

4. Troy Perkins (MTL)

4. Aurelien Collin (SKC)

4. Mike Magee (CHI)

4. Jack McInerney (PHI)

5. Donovan Ricketts (POR)

5. Matteo Ferrari (MTL)

5. Will Johnson (POR)

5. Landon Donovan (LA)

6. Michael Harrington (POR)

6. Tim Cahill (NY)

6. Marco DiVaio (MTL)

7. DeAndre Yedlin (SEA)

7. Kyle Beckerman (RSL)

7. Eddie Johnson (SEA)

Obviously, there's some shameless ballot stuffing going on here. Luis Robles and Chris Wondolowski are both leading their positions? But even accounting for the outliers, this is still a bit embarrassing. We can't figure out how to get Michael Gspurning into the running with those guys? You're telling me there aren't more DeAndre Yedlin fans than Matteo Ferrari backers? Osvaldo Alonso doesn't belong in the top 5 midfielders?

I'm fairly confident that at least a couple Sounders will ultimately be named to the team, as the coaches do have a say beyond the first 11 players chosen (10 of whom are picked by fans and one more who will be selected by some kind of videogame promotion). But that's not the point. We're really good at ensuring that our players win things like goal of the week and save of the week, this should not be such a big thing.

Fans have until Monday at noon to vote and can do so online or by sending a player's last name via text message to 22442. It won't hurt, I promise.

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