Thoughts on Chivas have a reflection on the Season

As I was writing up most of this post for The Heartland Horde's FB page, I noticed that most of my notes about the players were a good indicator of how I felt each player had been doing so far this season. Obviously, it's not completely accurate to say that Lamar's play on Saturday was exactly how he's done all season, but it's something I guess. Anyways,

Traore is a beast, and definitely what we needed to replace Parke. Now, just imagine if we had kept Sparkles and added Traore? Wow.

Gspurning Gpsurned. Great positioning, good commanding, great barking at the back line, and a simply beautiful save to clean things up.

How about that Yedlin kid? No seriously. The kid's a freaky fast animal. Reminds me of a faster honey badger the way he locks down that wing. And his interceptions and overlapping runs? *swoon*

Leo continues to have easily his best year in Rave Green, even pushing farther up that left side to contribute to the attack without feeling like a defensive liability.

I'm not sure if there's anybody more excited to have Neagle back than I am, and week in and week out, he keeps proving to me why. The kid has miles and miles of heart, and a passion when he's out on the pitch. On top of that, he's got a great touch, and as he continues to gel with EJ and Oba, we could have a ridiculously dangerous forward grouping. Seriously, I could talk about Lamar for an hour and still not feel like I've covered everything.

Oba is pure skill wrapped in a package of backflipping awesome and good attitude. I love to see him chatting with Lamar after a failed attempt on goal to discuss what runs they should be making.

Mario's growth on this team has absolutely impressed me. Sometimes he tries to do too much himself, though.

Rose and Scott had a respectable game. I think that's enough to say there.

Carrasco won't ever be The Honey Badger, but wow, has he really stepped up this season. In seasons past, he was a rare sight, even in the USOC games, but now he's playing every game, and he's doing a stand-up job. Good on Sigi for making some good adjustments this season.

Mauro... I'm sorry that I was calling for your DP spot earlier this year... You gave us a perfect (and clearly, irresistible) cross right to De Luna's head. Well done, Sir. Well done.

Bonus: B-Rad is a masterful beast, and I loved his healthy serving of Crow dispensed upon all of the Naysayers yesterday. Huzza!

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