But my, my, my, my city's filthy

Jane G Photography

Seattle hosts what may be the biggest weekend+ of soccer in our city in recent memory. It's time for us to step up, sing at the top of our lungs, and show America how we do it here in the 2-0... well you know the rest. Our city's filthy.

Push play and set the mood.

Now when I say 2-0, you say
Nah, you know the rest,
This is our scene
Our music, our movement, the history lives through us

Seattle is a great place, we all know it. There's a ton of reasons why, and soccer is one. The beautiful game flourishes here in all walks of life--over-40 leagues, co-ed arena tourneys, youth fútbol. Our state participates in youth soccer like few others. And our Sounders draw support unparalleled.

But, you knew all that.

This "weekend plus" is a celebration of soccer, the likes of which Seattle has rarely seen. It started last night, where U.S. supporters cheered the men on to a 2-1 win over Jamaica in "The Office." We sang, we chanted, we cheered, and they heard us. The country celebrated our hero, Bradley Ray Evans. He brought that Cascadia flair to the Reggae nation.

Every time somebody steps out on the road
They bring a little Northwest soul with them, amen

But, it gets better. More than 50,000 are ready to rock tonight. We're defending our turf, our town, our Cascadia pride. On national TV (7:30pm on NBC Sports Network). Our national teamers will be in attendance, even if they aren't playing. This is our chance, our time, our opportunity, to show the rest of the nation our great community. Scarves up Seattle! They will hear us!

So, turn my sound up
Ricochet off our mountain
It's Good Medicine that Chief Sealth would of been proud of
This is our city, town pride, heart, blood, sweat, tears, I-5, North, South side, vibe, live, ride down these city blocks

When the dust settles time, or maybe even earlier, everything starts building toward the Tuesday Qualifier. Whatever you wanna do, the soccer community can help you. The Reign are playing, the parties will be rocking, the beer will be flowing, all until the Men will be competing. The doubters are out there doubting, but we all know it.

Our city's filthy.

So get up Seattle! Get out there and rock, buy your neighbor a beer, show the nation how fun it is when the Seattle crowd is ringing in their ear.

I get on stage, style, share my whole life
Try to reach 'em at the bar where they're drinking Miller Lite
But the kids in the front, they bring out the passion, dude
Make noise throughout the show and not only when we ask 'em to
I watch the older cats jaded in the back
Hands clasped, forgot when they weren't too cool to be a fan, damn
Hatin' at the [game]
You don't remember [Keller], watching [Ramos], or vibing out to [Lalas]
I know it's not the same, it never will be
But my, my, my, my city's filthy

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