Major Link Soccer: Chivas USA, the confusion continues

Carlos Bocanegra, the newest member of Chivas USA. - Hunter Martin

Bocanegra signs on with CUSA, plus Timbers signings, some random Sounders news, and more Euro transfer rumors.

It is sort-of amazing how much Chivas USA has dominated the headlines of the league this year while being so bad: The pre-season flushing of players seemingly along ethnic lines; the horrible attendance fueled by almost no marketing and no TV contract; the quick start and disastrous fall to earth; the re-signing of Dan Kennedy, which made so little sense given their other moves; the hiring and firing of the charismatic El Chelis as coach; the rumors of a sale. It’s just been insane, really.

Monday, the Goats were the talk of the MLS again when they traded up in the allocation order to sign defender Carlos Bocanegra, longtime captain of the U.S. National Team.

There was a lot of talk about the signing yesterday. At, the armchair analyst says the move could really help Chivas, a team that seems to be changing to a defense-first mentality under their new head coach. And over at NBC’s ProSoccerTalk they wonder if the move will help Boca worm his way back onto the national team.

The best explanation I have heard about it all is that Boca wanted to play in LA, where he grew up. Galaxy apparently showed little interest, so that left CUSA. Not sure if they even really wanted him, but MLS has had a way of making these things happen for national team players for years – Donovan in LA, McBride in Chicago, etc.

By the way, Chivas USA jettisoned four other players Monday, including sending one player back to the mothership in Guadalajara.

It’s frankly been impossible to keep up with the revolving door of player movement from CUSA this year. In Dallas they tried to analyze this week’s matchup and instead ended up writing a piece about the how it’s impossible to know who CUSA is.

The Timbers signed four of their most important players to contract extensions Monday.

Yesterday was Canada Day. Sure it’s a day late, but given that I’m 50 percent Canadian here’s a link to a video salute to Canada and its soccer teams and supporters from

Marcus Hahnemann isn’t too happy the team washed out of the Open Cup, as it was his lock for playing time. He also says the Sounders never lack confidence.

The Nigeria Daily News was interested in the news that Obafemi Martins has gotten a gun and tweeted a picture of himself shooting it at a range.

Euro-to-MLS rumors continue, with one paper saying Irish winger Paddy McCourt has an offer from San Jose and another saying that League One striker Clayton Donaldson is being "watched" by DC United and Houston. Read the entirety of these stories and it’s hard not to think it’s just more Euros trying to use a possible MLS move as a bargaining chip. I guess we’ll see.

Finally today I have a bit of a confession. I’m a sap. And few things get me more choked up than a well-made sports video – you know NFL Films showing Marshawn Lynch’s "beastquake" run in slow-mo, that sort of thing. Only one thing gets me even more, it’s videos of American troops coming home to their families after serving overseas. At the Earthquakes-Galaxy game last weekend they did one of those "surprise returns" for a woman returning from duty and her family. Ignore it if you don’t care, but I love this kind-of thing and I’m proud MLS makes sure to salute those who serve at some point every year.

The Commissioner of the NASL took to Twitter for a Q&A and the most common question he got was... well, let's just show you.

- Scott Ayers

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