74 reasons Seattle is better than Portland

Quantity and Quality

These are all facts. Indisputable truths that can not be doubted. These are 74 reasons that Portland is the lesser city when compared to Seattle. 74 ways Seattle is better than Portland.

Quality and Quantity

1 - First ever MLS team to advance past Liga MX side in CCL Knockouts

2 - Deuce

3 - Straight US Open Cups

4 - Straight MLS Cup Playoff Appearances

5 - Eddie Johnson leads active players in Cascadia Cup goals with five

6 - Honey Badger don't care

7 - Bigger Johnson

8 - Pearl Jam didn't bother to self-title until their 8th album

9 - Competitive matches without a loss in front of crowds 40,000 or greater

10 - Major trophies won

11 - If you count the NASL Top of the Table

12 - The 12th man

13 - NASL wins by Sounders over Timbers (they have 8)

14 - 409' the elevation of Mt. Rainier

15 - Seattle is the 15th largest metro area in the United States

16 - Combined years as a coach or player with the Seattle Sounders for Brian Schmetzer

17 - King of Cascadia Fredy Montero

18 - USMNT Keeping Legend Kasey Keller

19 - March 2009 first victory in Sounders MLS history. Their first ever competitive match

20 - USL-1 wins by Seattle over Timbers (they have 13)

21 - February 2003 Drew Carey gets a star on the Walk of Fame

22 - Seattle has 22 sister cities (Portland 10)

23 - Alex Morgan's heart wears 23

24 - seasons with more wins than losses (Portland Timbers have existed as a pro team for only 20 seasons)

25 - The first pro sporting event at CenturyLink Field was between the USL Sounders and Vancouver. More than 25,000 watched.

26 - Legendary guitarist and Seattle native Jimi Hendrix completed 26 airborne drops

27 - Academy grads in D-I colleges

28 - Goals by Academy standout Jordan Morris

29 - Jimmy Gabriel scores the first ever Sounders goal against the Timbers in the 29th minute

30 - different beers sold at CenturyLink Field

31 - The streak that Kirkland Little League ended when they won the Little League World Series

32 - percent of fans that voted "Sounders" in 1973

33 - goal differential for the Sounders U-16s

34 - number of boat launches in Seattle

35 - Dave has delayed posting this because he was looking at sources of trivia

36 - Chinook Salmon are mature at 36"

37 - Years at SPU for Cliff McCrath

38 - Paul Allen's second largest SuperYacht Tatoosh is the 38th largest in the World

39 - Obafemi Martins CAPs for Nigeria

40 - member associations, 250 clubs, over 150,000 youth soccer participants in Washington

41 - Totals wins over Portland

42 - Jimi Hendrix is born. Yes, he's worth two.

43 - thousand attended Sounders MLS matches on average, the current league record.

44 - Sigi Schmid has 44 MLS wins with Seattle

45 - times Oshan leaned on things last month

46 - total updates to the Clint Dempsey StoryStream TM

47 - Difference in thousands in maximum stadium capacity


49 - museums in Seattle metro area

50 - The first Shadowrun video game is set in 2050 Seattle

51 - Lake Sammamish ranked 51st best bass-fishing lake in the US

52 - SaH memes

53 - Paul Allen is born in '53

54 - Number of hours in #DempseyWatch

55 - Islands in Washington State

56 - Yacht clubs in Puget Sound

57 - Games produced by Wizards of the Coast

58 - Steve Largent is 58 years old. Portland's best NFL player doesn't exist.

59 - Joe Roth produced 59 movies or television shows

60 - minutes before match when the March leaves

61 - billion is Bill Gates estimated net worth

62 - Space Needle opens in 1962

63 - Octopus (Paul Allen's larger SuperYacht) has a 63 foot tender

64 - most wins by Supersonics (tied for 4th most in NBA history)

65 - people have written for Sounder at Heart

66 - Adrian Hanauer is born in ‘66

67 - Darren Sawatzky appearances with Sounders FC (only 22 with Timbers)

68 - the year "Here Come The Brides" aired for the first time

69 - Ken Griffey Jr was born

70 - the minimum number of beers offered at each of the six annual Washington Beer Commission festivals

71 - Walter Jones

72 - Burpo and Hahnemann Born

73 - Bruce Lee is buried in Seattle

74 - Founded before 1975

These facts show that without a doubt Seattle is greater than Portland.

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