A hydra is a huge magical beast and it is ours

Meet a hydra - http://discardingimages.tumblr.com/

A creature of legend has been captured by Adrian and now Sigi gets to deploy this myth in reality.

Sigi Schmid has to figure out how many heads to deploy in the attack. There are essentially six players that are nearly entirely attacking in nature that he will use in some sort of mix. Some will start, and others will come on as subs. This is the territory of the huge magical beast.

"It's a good problem to have because you have options," Sigi Schmid told the media today. "The team is playing well, so there's obviously going to be disappointment in whomever is not in that lineup because there's a bunch of guys who want to be in that lineup and be starting."

It is notable that with a fast schedule, national calls and the inevitable injuries, one or two heads may get cut down. They will grow back.

"We need everybody. We need everybody as we continue to go forward and move forward because you never know who's going to take a knock, who's going to take an injury, who gets called into a national team, who's out of form, and you don't know what it is. Everybody has got to be on top of their game and working hard. For sure, on any given game day, there's going to be one or two disappointed people, or more so. That's natural and that's to be expected, but I know they're all good professionals and I know they want to see us succeed as a team," Sigi continued. "That's the most important thing and as long as we all keep that in mind, I think we'll be fine."

For teams defending against this beast they have to pick their battles - fast La Liga & EPL vet, crafty National Team Captain, wily native of the land, the big head of Eddie Johnson or the deft passes that can feed any of them. Any of them can reach out and take a bite from the goal. They do it through different enough routes that a defense set to prevent the counter can be hurt from distance (Clint Dempsey, Lamar Neagle). High pressure and the speed of the counter can flow through Obafemi Martins, Eddie and Lamar. Play hack-a-Sounder? Mauro Rosales and Johnson like those free kicks just fine. The combinations and routes are solid. Cut one off and another grows.

Sigi's job is managing personality as much as it is figuring out tactics. If one of these players is on the bench and remains hungry they will get their chance to dine on goal mouths.

Meet the Rave Green Hydra. To beat it you just have to be a demi-god.

Size/Type: Huge Magical Beast
Points: 49
Initiative: 1 to 2 games in hand
Speed/Pace: Fastest in league
Defense: 2nd in league
Base Attack: Run of Play
Special Attack: Headdie Johnson
Feats: Clint Dempsey
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