Major Link Soccer: More Problems in Qatar

Adam Pretty

If the situation in Qatar doesn't change, as many as 4,000 migrant workers could lose their lives so the country can host the World Cup in 2022.

DC United is slowly progressing toward getting a new stadium. The current step in the process involves the agreement to a land swap deal that will allow the city of Washington, D.C. to take ownership of Buzzard Point, which is the planned site for the new stadium. DC United isn't actually involved in any of the negotiations at this point in the process. The land swap between the city and developer Akridge is a preliminary hurdle required before a formal plan can begin to take shape.

DC United owner Erick Thohir looks to be set to buy a majority interest in Inter Milan next Monday. Once the deal is finalized, Thohir will own a 60% share in Inter.

Is it better to judge scorers by goals scored or by shots taken? Likewise, is it better to judge playmakers by assists or by key passes. Alex Olshansky of Tempo Free Soccer makes the case for judging players on shots taken and key passes, as they appear to better predictors of goals and assists year to year than are goals and assists themselves.

World Cup organizers in Qatar have a huge headache to deal with after reports emerged this week of severe abuse of migrant workers in Qatar, who will be relied upon to build the infrastructure and stadia necessary to host the 2022 World Cup. Now, the International Trade Union Confederation warns that 4,000 migrant workers will die before construction is complete. That breaks down to 12 workers per week. FIFA Vice President Jim Boyce called the reports that Qatar's migrant workers are essentially slaves appalling and disturbing.

Yesterday morning, it appeared that Robert Lewandowski had announced that he will sign a pre-contract with Bayern Munich in January. He is now walking that statement back a bit. Though he still plans on leaving Borussia Dortmund next summer, he insists that his earlier statement was misinterpreted, claiming that he only meant to clarify that he couldn't sign with anybody until January.

Jozy Altidore may have been sold to Sunderland, but Eredivisie's AZ Alkmaar is still the beneficiary of the services of a young American striker. Aron Johannsson is doing his best to make AZ supporters forget about Altidore. His recent performance reportedly has Celtic interested in signing him, perhaps as early as the January transfer window.

One of Seattle's national team attackers raised a lot of eyebrows when he signed with the Sounders this summer. A lot of perspectives have been well represented concerning Clint Dempsey's move back to MLS, but a new article from the Guardian offers an English perspective and even examines whether and how the signing has influenced the Sounders excellent form in the 9 matches since Dempsey was announced as a Sounder.

New MLS salary data was released a few days ago, but there was very little new information. More interestingly, a great deal of US Soccer's financial data was released this week. In it, it was revealed that Jurgen Klinsmann stands to earn anywhere from $500,000 to $10.5 million in bonuses at the World Cup next summer. That is in addition to his $2.5 million annual salary.

After what the club feels was an unfair portrayal of its fans, Arsenal has decided to refuse to allow a BBC television program to use official club apparel in the filming of the show. Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla explained recently the reason why he feels so many Spanish players are opting to leave La Liga. According to him, many of them have grown tired of the dominance of the league by Real Madrid and Barcelona.

I apologize for not listing the televised games for this weekend. As an alternative, go ahead and check out Live Soccer TV. It's a good resource that even covers the smaller leagues and even provides direct links to legal streams, when available.

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