Major Link Soccer: 28-game schedule, Lederhosen

You know that game we love? We should have less of it. - John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Michael Gspurning has some unusual baby wear lying about the house.

First shared on Sounder at Heart in a fanpost, NBC's ProSoccerTalk is reporting that MLS is looking into a 28-game season with the goal of avoiding conflicts with national team duty and other competitions. This sort of move will be especially interesting for teams like the Sounders, with four (potentially more?) players in international pictures. Said schedule would likely reduce the number of games played against each conference rival to two, which would again balance out the Cascadia Cup. However, it is unknown how such a schedule would be affected by coming expansion teams, and how it would affect season ticket prices.

The season adjustment may also leave an important stamp on the coming TV negotiations MLS will enter into. It's hard to predict how NBC's new focus on the EPL may change their interest in the domestic league, or how interested Fox may be now that they have FS1.

More than four weeks after the fact, Dempseymania is finally beginning to subside. Today I only have two player-interest pieces on the man, one a video on his USMNT firsts, and the other a fascinating piece that goes into even more depth on the days before the transfer was announced. While Clint went to England and succeeded like none before, he was the exception to the rule. Now, Brek Shea may be wishing he had stayed the poster child in Dallas.

The Sounders somehow held a scoreless line despite going down a man early. Much of the credit can go to Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, who made the MLS Team of the Week for his exhausting effort.

Canada again has been tied to match fixing, the second time in as many years.

The dream of the 70's is alive with the Cosmos and the "Championship" NASL.

Your parents may have dressed you up like Paris Hilton's Chihuahua in your younger days, but there is still pity to be taken on Michael Gspurning's infant son, rocking a pair of lederhosen (i'm ashamed to say I spelled that correctly from memory) .

The already aged and fragile (not to mention East-leading) Impact will now be without the services of central unlocker Hernan Bernadello for a few weeks. The DP will use the time to nurse a bum ankle. Best I can see, this is the first time this season that the club has missed key players for a significant length of time. Let's see if they can handle the setback.

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